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appeal /əˈpiːl/ noun

پژوهش ، توسل ، چنگ زدن ، جاذبه ، درخواست ، التماس ، جذبه ، (حق). استیناف ، قانون ـ فقه: فرجام ، روانشناسی: توسل ، بازرگانی: رجوع ، علوم نظامی: تشبث کردن استیناف دادن
- plead, ask, beg, call upon, entreat, pray, request
- attract, allure, charm, entice, fascinate, interest, please, tempt
- plea, application, entreaty, petition, prayer, request, supplication
- attraction, allure, beauty, charm, fascination
Contrasted words: claim, demand, exaction, kick, objection, protest, disagreeableness, unpleasantness
Related Words: asking, requesting, solicitation, draw, pleasantness
English Thesaurus: attraction, appeal, the lure of something, charm, glamour, ...

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I. appeal1 S2 W1 /əˈpiːl/ noun

1. REQUEST [countable] an urgent request for something important
appeal for
The police have issued a new appeal for information.
appeal to
All the organizations involved have sent urgent appeals to the government, asking for extra funding.
The girl’s family have made a public appeal for help to try and catch her killer.
appeal to somebody to do something
an appeal to the army to not use too much force

2. REQUEST FOR MONEY [countable] an attempt to persuade people to give money in order to help people who need something:
The appeal has nearly reached its target of £100,000.

3. REQUEST TO CHANGE DECISION [uncountable and countable] a formal request to a court or to someone in authority asking for a decision to be changed
appeal to
an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights
on appeal
The sentence was reduced to three years on appeal.

4. BEING ATTRACTIVE [uncountable] a quality that makes people like something or someone:
What is the particular appeal of this island?
The programme has a very wide appeal.
appeal for
The film has great appeal for young audiences.
She’s definitely got sex appeal (=she is sexually attractive).
Court of Appeal

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II. appeal2 S3 W3 verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: apeler 'to accuse, appeal', from Latin appellare, from appellere 'to drive to', from ad- 'to' + pellere 'to drive']

1. ASK [intransitive] to make a serious public request for help, money, information etc
appeal for
Church and community leaders have appealed for calm.
appeal to
Farmers have appealed to the government for help.
appeal to somebody to do something
The police have appealed to anyone with information to come forward and talk to them.

2. ASK TO CHANGE DECISION [intransitive and transitive] to make a formal request to a court or someone in authority asking for a decision to be changed:
She is not happy with the decision and plans to appeal.
appeal against
Both men intend to appeal against their convictions.
appeal to
Appealing to the referee does not often result in a decision being changed.

3. BE ATTRACTIVE [intransitive] if someone or something appeals to you, they seem attractive and interesting
appeal to
The programme appeals to young children.
The idea of working abroad really appeals to me.

4. appeal to sb’s better nature/sense of justice etc to try to persuade someone to do something by reminding them that it is a good or fair thing to do:
You could always try appealing to his better nature.

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I. serious request for sth you need/want very much
ADJ. desperate, emergency, emotional, urgent | direct | fresh, further a fresh appeal for witnesses to come forward
mute She gazed at him in mute appeal.
VERB + APPEAL issue, make They made a direct appeal to the government for funding.
PREP. ~ for an appeal for help
~ to an appeal to reason

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II. formal request to sb in authority
ADJ. formal, personal
VERB + APPEAL bring, file, lodge, make He's lodged an appeal against the size of the fine.
win | lose | allow (formal), consider, hear The judge has agreed to allow his appeal. The court will hear the appeal on 10 June.
uphold His appeal was upheld and he was released immediately.
deny, dismiss, reject, throw out, turn down
APPEAL + VERB fail | succeed
APPEAL + NOUN court, tribunal | hearing | judge | procedure, process, system
PREP. on ~ On appeal, it was held that the judge was correct.
under ~ a case currently under appeal
~ against an appeal against his conviction of fraud
~ for an appeal for leniency
~ to an appeal to the High Court
PHRASES a court of appeal, give/grant sb leave to appeal, grounds of appeal, pending appeal The players have been suspended pending appeal.
a right of appeal You have the right of appeal to the Consitutional Court.

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III. event for raising money
ADJ. charity, fund-raising | radio, television
VERB + APPEAL hold, launch An appeal is to be launched on behalf of the refugees.
back, support
APPEAL + VERB raise sth The radio appeal raised over three million pounds.

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IV. attraction/interest
ADJ. considerable, great, growing, obvious, powerful, special, strong | immediate, instant the book's immediate apeal to young children
limited, little | broad, mass, popular, universal, wide a publication designed for mass appeal
aesthetic, commercial, electoral, intellectual, sex, visual Unfortunately, the film lacks commercial appeal.
VERB + APPEAL have, hold His views hold no appeal for me.
broaden, extend, widen We are trying to broaden the appeal of classical music.
APPEAL + VERB lie in sth His considerable appeal lies in his quiet, gentle manner.
PREP. ~ for School lost its appeal for her in the second year.

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I. make serious request for sth
ADV. directly He went over the heads of union officials, appealing directly to the workforce.
PREP. for, to Police have appealed to the public for information about the crime.

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II. to sb in authority
ADV. succesfully, unsuccessfully | directly
PREP. against She appealed unsuccessfully against her conviction for murder.
to He has decided to appeal to the European Court.

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III. be attractive/interesting to sb
ADV. enormously, really, strongly The prospect of teaching such bright children appealed enormously. The idea of retiring early really appeals to me.
PREP. to These characters will appeal directly to children's imaginations.

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make/issue/launch an appeal
Detectives are making an urgent appeal for information.
The hospital has launched an appeal to raise money for new equipment.
renew an appeal (=make an appeal again)
Detectives renewed their appeal for help from the public.
an urgent appeal
The fire service has made an urgent appeal for more part-time firefighters.
a desperate appeal
The family made a desperate appeal to their daughter to come home.
The London-based relief agency issued a desperate appeal for aid.
a direct appeal
The police have issued a direct appeal to the witness to come forward with information.
a personal appeal
Muslim leaders made a personal appeal for the hostage's freedom.
a public appeal
She made a public appeal for the return of the ring.
a fresh appeal (=one that you make again)
The growing instability in the country has led to fresh appeals for calm.
a nationwide appeal
The missing 15-year-old was found yesterday after a nationwide appeal for help.
an international appeal
The organization has now launched an international appeal for volunteers.
a television appeal
Following a national television appeal, several callers have phoned the police with information.
make an appeal
My client is planning to make an appeal.
lodge/file/bring an appeal (=make an appeal)
Mr Sarhadi, who has lived here for three years, has lodged an appeal against extradition.
consider an appeal
The US Supreme Court could refuse to consider the appeal.
hear an appeal (=listen to all the facts)
The FA will hear Chelsea's appeal against the fine next week.
win/lose an appeal
Unless she wins her appeal she will be imprisoned.
uphold/allow an appeal (=give permission for a decision to be changed)
Judge Gabriel Hutton upheld Smith's appeal against a £250 fine.
dismiss/throw out/turn down an appeal (=not give permission for a decision to be changed)
The taxpayer's appeal was dismissed and the penalty upheld.
an appeal fails/succeeds
If the appeal fails, he will serve his full sentence.
the appeal court British English, the appeals court American English
The ruling was reversed in the appeal court.
the appeal process
The appeal process could take as long as three years.
a formal appeal
She decided to make a formal appeal through her lawyer.
the Court of Appeal
The Court of Appeal quashed the conviction.
grounds for an appeal (=reasons for making an appeal)
You need to have reasonable grounds for your appeal.
a right of appeal
The taxpayer has no statutory right of appeal against the demand.
pending appeal (=until an appeal can take place)
Both men were under house arrest, pending appeal of their convictions.

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