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application /ˌæplɪˈkeɪʃən/ noun

برنامه کاربردی ، تقاضای کار ، به کار گماردن استخدام کردن ، به کار بردن ، اعمال ، درخواست نامه ، پشت کار ، استعمال ، کاربرد ، استفاده ، علوم مهندسی: کاربرد ، کامپیوتر: استفاده ، عمران: موارد استعمال ، معماری: کاربرد ، قانون ـ فقه: عرضحال ، روانشناسی: درخواست ، بازرگانی: فرم تقاضا ، درخواست ، علوم نظامی: اجرا
الکترونیک: کاربرد ، برنامه کاربردی ، استفاده ، کامپیوتر: عرضحال ، فقهی: کاربرد ، علوم مهندسی: درخواست ، فرم تقاضا ، بازرگانی: کاربرد ، معماری: درخواست ، تقاضای کار ، به کار گماردن استخدام کردن ، به کار بردن ، اجرا ، علوم نظامی: موارد استعمال ، عمران: کاربرد ، درخواست ، روانشناسی: کاربرد ، اعمال ، درخواست ، اقتصاد: درخواست ، درخواست نامه ، پشت کار، استعمال ، کاربرد، استفاده کامپیوتر: کاربرد-برنامه کاربردی کامپیوتر: برنامه

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- request, appeal, claim, inquiry, petition, requisition
- effort, commitment, dedication, diligence, hard work, industry, perseverance
Antonyms: indolence
Contrasted words: bemusement, wool-gathering, faineance, laziness, sloth
Related Words: busyness, zeal, energy, indefatigability

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application S1 W1 /ˌæplɪˈkeɪʃən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: applicant, application; adjective: applicable, applied; verb: apply]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: applicatio, from applicare; apply]

1. WRITTEN REQUEST [uncountable and countable] a formal, usually written, request for something such as a job, place at university, or permission to do something
application for
an application for a grant
application from
The university welcomes applications from overseas students.
We receive hundreds of job applications each year.
I filled in the application form and sent it off.
You have to submit your application before the end of the month.
I’ve put in an application for a transfer.
He received a letter saying that his application had been rejected.
It can take a long time for your visa application to be processed.
The Council is currently reviewing the way it deals with planning applications.
Thank you for your letter of application, which we received yesterday.

2. PRACTICAL USE [uncountable and countable] the practical purpose for which a machine, idea etc can be used, or a situation when this is used
application of/to/in
the applications of genetic engineering in agriculture
The research has many practical applications.

3. COMPUTERS [countable] a piece of computer software which does a particular job:
We received training on a number of spreadsheet and database applications.

4. PAINT/LIQUID [uncountable and countable] when you put something such as paint, liquid, medicine etc onto a surface
application of
The application of fertilizer increased the size of the plants.

5. EFFORT [uncountable] attention or effort over a long period of time:
Making your new business successful requires luck, patience, and application.

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I. written request
ADJ. formal, written | successful I am pleased to tell you that your application for the post of Assistant Editor has been successful.
unsuccessful | job, membership, patent, planning, etc. All planning applications should be submitted to the local council.
VERB + APPLICATION file, lodge, make, send in, submit The applicant must file a written application to the court.
withdraw | consider, examine, process, screen It takes time to process each application.
invite Applications are invited for the post of Lecturer in French.
grant (law) His application for bail was granted.
refuse (law), reject, turn down
PREP. by ~ (formal) Admission is obtained by written application.
on ~ A permit is available on application to the company.
~ for an application for a new licence
~ to an application to the local authority

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II. practical use
ADJ. practical What are the practical applications of this work?
general The program is designed for general application.
wide | agricultural, industrial

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III. computing
ADJ. client-server, database, multimedia, software
VERB + APPLICATION run You can run several applications at the same time.
 ⇒ Special page at COMPUTER

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a job application
He's made twenty-three job applications and had five interviews.
a planning application (=an official request for permission to build something)
We have lodged a planning application for a housing development on the site.
a formal application (=made officially)
Turkey has made a formal application to join the European Union.
an application form
Simply fill in the application form and return it to your bank.
a letter of application
The purpose of your letter of application is to get an interview.
make an application
Candidates are advised to make an early application to the university.
fill out/fill in an application (=write all the necessary information on it)
I would like to fill out an application for the position.
You can fill in the application form online.
put in/submit an application
The company has submitted a planning application.
consider an application (=think carefully about it before making a decision)
All applications will be considered on their own merits.
grant/approve an application (=give permission to do or have something)
What are the reasons for not granting this application?
refuse/reject/turn down an application (=say no to an application)
Their planning application was rejected because of a lack of parking facilities.
process an application (=officially deal with it)
Your application for British citizenship will be processed by the Immigration Service.
accept an application
The college refused to accept my application.
withdraw your application
The company withdrew its application to build the bridge.

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