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appointment /əˈpɔɪntmənt/ noun

گمارش ، تعیین ، انتصاب ، قرار ملاقات ، وعده ملاقات ، کار ، منصب ، گماشت ، روانشناسی: وعده ملاقات
- meeting, arrangement, assignation, date, engagement, interview, rendezvous
- selection, assignment, choice, election, naming, nomination
- job, assignment, office, place, position, post, situation
- appointments: fittings, fixtures, furnishings, gear, outfit, paraphernalia, trappings
English Thesaurus: job, work, profession, occupation, career, ...

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appointment S2 W2 /əˈpɔɪntmənt/ noun

1. [countable] an arrangement for a meeting at an agreed time and place, for a particular purpose
an appointment to do something
I’d like to make an appointment to see the doctor.
appointment with
He has an appointment with a client at 10.30.
All consultations are by appointment only.

2. [uncountable and countable] when someone is chosen for a position or job
appointment of
Other changes included the appointment of a new Foreign Minister.
appointment as
They congratulated him on his appointment as chairman.

3. [countable] a job or position, usually involving some responsibility
appointment as
He has taken up an appointment as Professor of Chemistry.

4. by appointment to the Queen British English a phrase that can be used by a business that sells goods or services to the Queen

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I. agreement to meet sb
ADJ. important, pressing, urgent | first, initial | follow-up | business | dental, hair | hospital, outpatient The hospital needs to allow more time for outpatient appointments.
VERB + APPOINTMENT have | arrange, book, fix, make I'd like to make an appointment to see the doctor, please.
get I didn't know if I would get an appointment at such short notice.
give sb Tom has been given an appointment at the local hospital.
keep He failed to keep his appointment.
break, miss She has already broken three appointments.
PREP. by ~ Viewing is only allowed by appointment.
with/without an ~ He called without an appointment.
~ with an appointment with a doctor

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II. job/position
ADJ. permanent, temporary | senior | academic, cabinet, court, diplomatic, ecclesiastical, executive, government, judicial, military, ministerial, political, public, university
VERB + APPOINTMENT hold Employees may not hold any other appointments.
give sb, offer sb He was offered an appointment in the Education Department.
accept | obtain | take up He takes up his appointment in January.
resign Miss Green resigned her appointment as our regional representative.
secure By reorganizing the Church hierarchy, the king was able to secure the appointment of men whom he personally favoured.

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III. choosing sb for job
ADJ. key The company has announced five key appointments at its Teesside plant.
formal, official | staff
VERB + APPOINTMENT make | announce | confirm The board has confirmed the appointment of Howard Kendall as Sales Manager.
PREP. to the first appointments to the new government

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have an appointment
She has an appointment with the dentist at 5 o'clock.
make/arrange an appointment
Can you phone the hairdresser and make an appointment?
book an appointment British English, schedule an appointment American English (=make an appointment)
Have you booked another appointment at the clinic?
I’ve scheduled your appointment for 9.30.
cancel an appointment
He had to cancel all his afternoon appointments.
get an appointment (=succeed in arranging one)
It’s difficult to get an appointment on Monday morning.
miss an appointment (=not go to an appointment you have arranged)
The train was late so I missed my appointment.
keep an appointment (=go to an appointment that you have arranged)
Please let us know if you cannot keep your appointment.
a hospital appointment British English
My hospital appointment lasted half an hour.
a doctor’s appointment (also an appointment at the doctor’s)
What time is your doctor’s appointment?
I have an appointment at the doctor’s this morning.
an urgent appointment
I can’t talk now – I have an urgent appointment to get to.
a dentist’s/dental appointment
She has a dental appointment, so she won’t be in until later.
a medical appointment
Children sometimes miss school because of medical appointments.
a business appointment
Dennis had an early-morning business appointment with a client.
a hair appointment (=to have your hair cut)
I’d like to make a hair appointment for next week.
a morning/afternoon appointment
I asked for a morning appointment.

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BAD: I was very nervous during the appointment and I'm sure they'll give the job to someone else.
GOOD: I was very nervous during the interview and I'm sure they'll give the job to someone else.

Usage Note:
appointment = an arrangement that you have made to see a doctor, dentist, business person, etc at a particular time: 'You can't see the manager without an appointment.' 'My appointment was for ten thirty.'
interview = a formal meeting at which people ask you questions to see if you are suitable for a particular job, course of study, etc: 'If they're interested in your application, they'll ask you to go for an interview.'

BAD: I had an appointment with Takumi, a friend of mine.
GOOD: I had arranged to meet Takumi, a friend of mine.

Usage Note:
You make an appointment to see a doctor, principal, business person, etc: 'I've got an appointment to see Dr Tanner on Tuesday.'
You arrange to meet/see a friend, relative, etc: 'We've arranged to meet Alan at the swimming pool.'

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