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arch /ɑːtʃ $ ɑːrtʃ/ noun [countable]
arch- /ɑːtʃ, ɑːk $ ɑːrtʃ, ɑːrk/ prefix

تاق ، چفت ، چفته ، چفد
(vt.& n.) کمان ، بشکل قوس یاطاق دراوردن
(adj.) ناقلا ، شیطان ، موذی ، اصلی
(arch- pref.) پیشوندی بمعنی ' رئیس ' و ' کبیر ' و 'بزرگ' ، علوم مهندسی: قوس ، عمران: طاق ، معماری: سفت ، ورزش: قوس
- curve, archway, dome, span, vault
- curve, arc, bend, bow, hump, semicircle
- curve, arc, bend, bow, bridge, span
playful, frolicsome, mischievous, pert, roguish, saucy, sly, waggish
Contrasted words: modest, quiet, respectful, submissive
Related Words: conspicuous, notable, noteworthy, extraordinary, extreme, impish, mischievous, playful, roguish, waggish, bold, cheeky, cocky, flippant, fresh, derisive, mocking, twitting

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I. arch1 /ɑːtʃ $ ɑːrtʃ/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: arche, from Latin arcus; arc]

1. a structure with a curved top and straight sides that supports the weight of a bridge or building

2. a curved structure above a door, window etc

3. a curved structure of bones in the middle of your foot

4. something with a curved top and straight sides

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II. arch2 verb [intransitive and transitive]
to form or make something form a curved shape:
Two rows of trees arched over the driveway.
The dog arched its back.

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III. arch3 adjective
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: arch- in such combinations as arch-rogue and arch-villain]
amused because you think you understand something better than other people:
‘I think he’s in for a surprise,’ Ian said, in a somewhat arch tone.
—archly adverb

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arch- /ɑːtʃ, ɑːk $ ɑːrtʃ, ɑːrk/ prefix
[Language: Old French; Origin: Latin arch-, archi-, from Greek, from archein 'to begin, rule']
belonging to the highest class or rank:
an archbishop (=an important bishop)
our archenemy (=our worst enemy)
the company’s arch-rivals (=main competitors)

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ADJ. pointed, round, semi-circular | brick, iron, masonry, stone | monumental, triumphal | Gothic, Romanesque, etc. | proscenium, railway an old theatre with a proscenium arch Mean little houses clustered under the railway arches.
VERB + ARCH build, erect This huge triumphal arch was erected at the beginning of this century.
form, make The branches of the trees formed an arch over the bench.
PREP. beneath an/the ~, through an/the ~, under an/the ~ We rode under the arch.

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