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area /ˈeəriə $ ˈeriə/ noun [countable]

عرصه ، پهنه ، محوطه ، سطح ، حوزه ، منطقه ، مساحت ، فضا ، ناحیه ، علوم مهندسی: سطح ، عمران: سطح ، معماری: سطح مقطع ، قانون ـ فقه: قلمرو ، شیمی: مساحت ، روانشناسی: مساحت ، زیست شناسی: پهنک
کامپیوتر: محدوده - منطقه

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- region, district, locality, neighbourhood, zone
- part, portion, section, sector
- field, department, domain, province, realm, sphere, territory
Related Words: expanse, stretch, district, locality, place, lot, plot, section, terrain, circuit
English Thesaurus: area, region, zone, district, the business/financial/theatre etc district, ...

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area S1 W1 AC /ˈeəriə $ ˈeriə/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: 'piece of flat ground']

1. a particular part of a country, town etc:
Only cheeses made in this area may be labelled ‘Roquefort.’
Crime rates are much higher in urban areas.
area of
Many areas of Africa have suffered severe drought this year.

2. a part of a house, office, garden etc that is used for a particular purpose:
a no-smoking area
Their apartment has a large kitchen area.
Come through into the dining area.
the reception area of the hotel
a storage area on the ground floor

3. a particular subject, range of activities, or group of related subjects:
The course covers three main subject areas.
This study has clearly identified a major problem area for the National Health Service.
We’re funding research into new areas such as law enforcement technology.
area of
reforms in the key areas of health and education

4. the amount of space that a flat surface or shape covers
area of
an area of 2,000 square miles
a formula to calculate the area of a circle
grey area at grey1(7)

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I. part of place
ADJ. huge, large, vast, wide | small | local She knows the local area very well.
surrounding The storms hit Edinburgh and the surrounding area.
central | geographical | isolated, outlying, remote | rural | built up, inner-city, metropolitan, urban | industrial | residential | coastal, mountain | conservation | deprived people living in socially deprived areas
VERB + AREA live in | move into/to A lot of new people have moved into the area recently.
leave, move away from | cover | be scattered over, be spread over Wreckage from the plane was scattered over a large area.
AREA + NOUN manager, office
PREP. in an/the ~ Few homes in the area had electricity.
outside an/the ~ I live outside the London area.
within an/the ~ | ~ around/round the area around London

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II. space
ADJ. dining, lounge, reception | picnic, play | no smoking, smoking | penalty
PREP. in an/the ~ I'll meet you in the reception area.

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III. subject/activity
ADJ. important, key, main | complex, difficult, problem, sensitive Taxation is a very complex area.
growth The big growth area of recent years has been in health clubs.
subject | grey The proposals contain too many grey areas (= aspects that are not clear).
VERB + AREA cover The course covers two main subject areas.
identify The primary need is to identify problem areas.
PREP. in an/the ~ There have been some exciting new developments in this area.
PHRASES an area of activity/life People with this disability can cope well in most areas of life.
an area of concern/difficulty We are generally pleased with how the scheme is operating but there are one or two areas of concern.
an area of interest/research/study

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IV. measurement
ADJ. large | small | total | floor, surface A large building with a floor area of 100m2.
VERB + AREA cover, have The estate covers an area of 106 acres.

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a rural area (=in the countryside)
Schools in rural areas are often very small.
an urban area (=in a town or city)
90% of the English population live in urban areas.
a remote/isolated area (=a long way from towns and cities)
a remote area of northeast Afghanistan
the local area
He quickly made friends in the local area.
the surrounding area (=the area around a place)
The tourist office will have a map of the surrounding area.
outlying areas (=far from the centre of a town, village etc)
The programme also includes plans to reforest outlying areas of the city.
a wooded area
The plane crashed into trees in a heavily wooded area.
a mountainous area
the mountainous areas of the Massif Central
a coastal area
The bird is found mainly in coastal areas.
a desert area
The hot, dry wind blows in from the desert areas of North Africa.
a residential area (=a part of a town where people live)
They had a large house in a pleasant residential area.
an industrial area
People living in industrial areas are exposed to these types of chemicals.
a built-up area (=with a lot of buildings close together)
New development will not be allowed outside the existing built-up area.
a deprived area (=where many poor people live)
He grew up in one of the toughest and most deprived areas of Glasgow.
an inner-city area (=the central part of a city, where many poor people live)
When will something be done to improve our inner-city areas?
a middle-class/working-class etc area (=where a particular class of people live)
She was born in a working-class area of London.
a metropolitan area (=a very large city)
major metropolitan areas such as Delhi, Bombay, and Calcutta
a conservation area (=for preserving nature or old buildings)
a new scheme to create a nature conservation area
a geographical area (=one that is shown on a map)
The survey took place in three geographical areas.
move into/out of an area
She had just moved into the area and knew very few people.
Many young people are moving out of rural areas.
keep/stay away from an area
The police ordered people to stay away from the area.
be spread out over a wide area
The town is spread out over a wide area.
be scattered over a wide area
Parts of the plane were scattered over a wide area.
the kitchen/dining/bedroom/bathroom area
The kitchen area is rather small.
the living area (=the main room in a house, where people relax)
The main living area was on the second floor.
a reception area (=a desk where visitors arriving in a hotel or large organization go first)
Visitors should please report to the reception area.
a storage area (=a place for keeping things that are not being used)
There’s a temporary storage area where you can put those boxes.
a picnic area (=an area outdoors where you can eat a meal)
We pulled off the highway into a picnic area for lunch.
a play area (=a place for children to play)
There’s a nice play area for the kiddies.
a no-smoking/non-smoking area
The airport terminal is a no-smoking area.
a smoking area
Employers do not have to provide smoking areas.

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DUBIOUS: A number of different countries and areas face the same problem.
GOOD: A number of different countries and regions face the same problem.

Usage Note:
To refer to one of the very large parts of a country, or to an area which includes more than one country, use region : 'This region of France is famous for its wine.' 'We apologize to viewers in the southern region for the poor picture quality.' 'This variety of rice is grown mainly in cool temperate regions.'

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