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arise /əˈraɪz/ verb (past tense arose /əˈrəʊz $ əˈroʊz/, past participle arisen /əˈrɪzən/) [intransitive]

Irregular Forms: (arisen)(arose)

برخاستن، بلند شدن، رخ دادن، ناشی شدن، بوجود اوردن، برامدن، طلوع کردن، قیام کردن، طغیان کردن
ارسال ایمیل
- happen, begin, emerge, ensue, follow, occur, result, start, stem
- get up, get to one's feet, go up, rise, stand up, wake up
Antonyms: recline, slump
Related Words: ensue, follow, succeed
English Thesaurus: happen, take place, occur, there is/there are, come up, ...

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arise S3 W2 /əˈraɪz/ verb (past tense arose /əˈrəʊz $ əˈroʊz/, past participle arisen /əˈrɪzən/) [intransitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: arisan]

1. if a problem or difficult situation arises, it begins to happen:
A crisis has arisen in the Foreign Office.
More problems like those at the nuclear power plant are certain to arise.

In everyday English, people usually say that a problem or difficult situation comes up rather than arises:
The same problems come up every time.

2. if something arises from or out of a situation, event etc, it is caused or started by that situation etc:
Several important legal questions arose in the contract negotiations.
arise from/out of
Can we begin by discussing matters arising from the last meeting?

3. when/if the need arises alsoshould the need arise formal when or if it is necessary:
Should the need arise for extra staff, we will contact you.

4. literary to get out of bed, or stand up

5. literary if a group of people arise, they fight for or demand something they want

6. literary if something arises when you are moving towards it, you are gradually able to see it as you move closer

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ADV. naturally, spontaneously | directly
VERB + ARISE may, might | be likely/unlikely to
PREP. from Some learning difficulties arise from the way children are taught at school.
out of The current debate arose out of the concerns of parents.

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BAD: These problems have been arised as a result of overpopulation.
GOOD: These problems have arisen as a result of overpopulation.

Usage Note:
Arise (arising, arose, arisen) is an intransitive verb, just like arrive, happen, etc: 'When there is a clear written agreement, these misunderstandings do not arise.' 'The problem first arose when I tried to get a visa.' 'Should the need arise, you could sell the Mercedes and buy something cheaper.'

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