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armchair /ˈɑːmtʃeə, ˌɑːmˈtʃeə $ ˈɑːrmtʃer, ˌɑːrmˈtʃer/ noun [countable]
armchair /ˈɑːmtʃeə $ ˈɑːrmtʃer/ adjective

معنی فارسی واژه armchair در پایگاه اطلاعات موجود نیست.
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I. armchair1 /ˈɑːmtʃeə, ˌɑːmˈtʃeə $ ˈɑːrmtʃer, ˌɑːrmˈtʃer/ noun [countable]
a comfortable chair with sides that you can rest your arms on

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II. armchair2 /ˈɑːmtʃeə $ ˈɑːrmtʃer/ adjective
armchair traveller/fan etc someone who talks or reads about being a traveller, or watches sport on television but does not have any real experience of doing it:
Her books about her adventures give enjoyment and inspiration to armchair travellers.
Armchair fans will have to pay extra to watch the best games live.

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ADJ. big, deep, large | comfortable, comfy | battered, old, worn | leather, upholstered, wicker, wooden
VERB + ARMCHAIR be seated in, be slumped in, be sprawled in, sit in | collapse into, flop into, throw yourself into | curl up in, ease yourself into, settle into He eased himself into the big armchair.

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BAD: She was sitting on her favourite armchair.
GOOD: She was sitting in her favourite armchair.

Usage Note:
sit (down) in an armchair (NOT on ): 'He sat down in the armchair and almost immediately fell asleep.'

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