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armed /ɑːmd $ ɑːrmd/ adjective

مسلح شده ، مسلح ، مجهز ، جنگ اماد ، علوم نظامی: مسلح
Synonyms: carrying weapons, equipped, fitted out, primed, protected

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armed S3 W3 /ɑːmd $ ɑːrmd/ adjective

1. carrying weapons, especially a gun Antonym : unarmed:
armed police raided the building
The Minister was kidnapped by armed men on his way to the airport.
The prisoners were kept under armed guard.
armed with
The suspect is armed with a shotgun.
She got ten years in prison for armed robbery (=stealing using a gun).
The President fears that armed conflict (=a war) is possible.
There is very little support for an armed struggle (=fighting with weapons) against the government.
a heavily armed battleship
Many of the gangs are armed to the teeth (=carrying a lot of weapons).

2. having the knowledge, skills, or equipment you need to do something
armed with
She came to the meeting armed with all the facts and figures to prove us wrong.
I went out, armed with my binoculars, to see what I could find in the fields.

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ADV. heavily, well | lightly | fully
PREP. with The soldiers were all armed with automatic rifles.

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