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arrival /əˈraɪvəl/ noun

حضور در خدمت ، فرستی ، ورود ، دخول ، بازرگانی: ورود ، علوم نظامی: زمان حضور زمان رسیدن
کامپیوتر: حضور ، ورود

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- coming, advent, appearance, arriving, entrance, happening, occurrence, taking place
- newcomer, caller, entrant, incomer, visitor
Antonyms: departure
Contrasted words: disappearance, going, leaving, withdrawal, recession, retirement, retreat
Related Words: appearance, emergence, entrance, issuance, manifestation

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arrival W3 /əˈraɪvəl/ noun

1. [uncountable and countable] when someone or something arrives somewhere Antonym : departure:
Only the timely arrival of the police prevented the situation from becoming worse.
Traffic problems account for one third of late arrivals.
arrival at/in
Shortly after our arrival in London, Lisa was attacked.
on arrival
A deposit is payable on arrival (=when you arrive).

2. the arrival of something
a) the time when a new idea, product etc is first used or discovered:
The demand for phone numbers has increased since the arrival of mobile phones.
b) the time when an event or period of time starts to happen:
The arrival of winter can make many people feel depressed.

3. [countable] someone who has just arrived in a place:
New arrivals were greeted with suspicion.
Late arrivals will not be admitted to the theatre.

4. arrivals the place at an airport where people arrive when they get off a plane:
the arrivals lounge

5. new arrival a baby who has just been born

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I. act of arriving
ADJ. early | late | timely The timely arrival of the cheque took away the need to borrow money.
eventual | dramatic, sudden, surprise, unexpected | expected, imminent, impending I told her of my brother's expected arrival.
VERB + ARRIVAL announce, herald, signal A fanfare of trumpets heralded the arrival of the King.
expect | await a crowd awaiting the arrival of the film star
greet The staff greeted the arrival of the new head teacher with excitement.
celebrate, welcome | delay | hasten
PREP. on/upon (sb's) ~ Guests receive dinner upon arrival at the hotel.
with the ~ With the arrival of John's friends, the party became really enjoyable.
~ at his arrival at the theatre
~ in their arrival in Paris
PHRASES arrival on the scene They were saved by the arrival on the scene of another boat.
arrivals and departures There are 120 arrivals and departures every day.
time of arrival your expected time of arrival is 7.15.

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II. sb/sth that arrives
ADJ. early, first | late Someone should stay here to meet the late arrivals.
latest, new, recent The club has a dinner to welcome new arrivals to the town. We're expecting a new arrival (= a baby) in the family soon.
VERB + ARRIVAL expect | meet | welcome

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BAD: At his arrival in Vienna, he was surprised not to find his friend.
GOOD: On his arrival in Vienna, he was surprised not to find his friend.

Usage Note:
on/upon sb's arrival (NOT at ): 'On arrival in Addis Ababa I reported immediately to the British High Commission.'

BAD: The Pope's arrival to the Philippines caused a lot of excitement.
GOOD: The Pope's arrival in the Philippines caused a lot of excitement.

Usage Note:
See notes at ARRIVE 1 (arrive) , 2

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