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arrive /əˈraɪv/ verb [intransitive]

وارد شدن ، رسیدن ، موفق شدن
- come, appear, enter, get to, reach, show up (informal), turn up
- succeed, become famous, make good, make it (informal), make the grade (informal)
Antonyms: depart
Contrasted words: get away, go, retire
English Thesaurus: arrive, get, reach, come, turn up, ...

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arrive S2 W1 /əˈraɪv/ verb [intransitive]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: ariver, from Vulgar Latin arripare 'to come to shore', from Latin ad- 'to' + ripa 'shore']

1. GET SOMEWHERE to get to the place you are going to:
Give me a call to let me know you’ve arrived safely.
arrive in/at
What time does the plane arrive in New York?
arrive late/early
He arrived late as usual.
By the time the police arrived on the scene, the burglars had fled.
Do not say ‘arrive to’ a place. Say arrive in/at a place: We arrived at the station ten minutes early. | The Prime Minister arrives back in Britain tonight.

2. BE DELIVERED if something arrives, it is brought or delivered to you Synonym : come:
The card arrived on my birthday.

3. HAPPEN if an event or particular period of time arrives, it happens Synonym : come:
When her wedding day arrived, she was really nervous.

4. SOMETHING NEW if a new idea, method, product etc arrives, it begins to exist or starts being used:
Since computers arrived, my job has become much easier.

5. BE BORN to be born:
Sharon’s baby arrived just after midnight.

6. arrive at a decision/solution/compromise etc to reach a decision, solution etc after a lot of effort:
After much consideration, we have arrived at a decision.

7. SUCCESS somebody has arrived used to say that someone has become successful or famous:
When he saw his name painted on the door he knew he’d arrived!

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ADV. early, late | shortly, soon We should arrive shortly.
finally We finally arrived at our destination late that evening.
on time, punctually | safe and sound, safely | unannounced My uncle arrived unannounced yesterday evening.
VERB + ARRIVE be due to We are due to arrive in Rome at ten o'clock.
fail to The package failed to arrive.
PREP. at We arrived at the hotel late.
in I should arrive in London tomorrow morning.
PHRASES the first/last to arrive

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arrive home
Jo should arrive home any minute now.
arrive early/late
I don’t think we should arrive early.
arrive on time
He never arrives on time for meetings.
arrive safely
She phoned to say she had arrived safely.
arrive shortly/soon
My parents are due to arrive shortly.
arrive unannounced (=without anyone expecting or knowing you were coming)
He arrived unannounced yesterday and stayed the night.
arrive safe and sound (=safely)
It was a great relief when he arrived back safe and sound.
arrive on the scene (=at the place where something has just happened)
Two more police cars arrived on the scene.

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BAD: You'll arrive to London at two in the morning.
GOOD: You'll arrive in London at two in the morning.
BAD: When the train arrived at Munich, he was still asleep.
GOOD: When the train arrived in Munich, he was still asleep.

Usage Note:
arrive/arrival in a country, city, etc: 'I'll be arriving in Hong Kong in time for Chinese New Year.'

BAD: She arrived the station just in time to catch the train.
GOOD: She arrived at the station just in time to catch the train.
BAD: We arrived to the hotel in time for dinner.
GOOD: We arrived at the hotel in time for dinner.

Usage Note:
See also HOME 1 (home)

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