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arrow /ˈærəʊ $ ˈæroʊ/ noun [countable]

تیر، خدنگ، پیکان، سهم، عمران: بردار، ورزش: پیکان، خدنگ
ارسال ایمیل
کامپیوتر: پیکان، جهت دار

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- dart, bolt, flight, quarrel, shaft (archaic)
- pointer, indicator

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arrow /ˈærəʊ $ ˈæroʊ/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: arwe]

1. a weapon usually made from a thin straight piece of wood with a sharp point at one end, that you shoot with a bow

2. a sign in the shape of an arrow, used to show direction:
Follow the arrows to the X-ray department.
straight arrow

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I. weapon
ADJ. poison/poisoned
QUANT. hail, volley A hail of arrows descended from the tower.
VERB + ARROW fire, shoot
ARROW + VERB hit sb/sth The arrow hit its target.
miss (sb/sth) She aimed carefully at the tree but the arrow missed.
ARROW + NOUN head (also arrowhead) | slit the arrow slits in the castle's battlements
PHRASES a bow and arrow The people used bows and arrows for hunting.

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II. symbol
ADJ. left, right | down, up The down arrow indicates rain.
broken, curved The old road is shown on the map by broken arrows.
VERB + ARROW follow Follow the red arrows to get to the camp reception.
ARROW + VERB denote sth, indicate sth, mark sth, point, show sth You will see an arrow pointing to the left.
ARROW + NOUN key You can scroll through the text using the up and down arrow keys.

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