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article /ˈɑːtɪkəl $ ˈɑːr-/ noun [countable]

شیئی ، بصورت مواد در اوردن ، تفریح کردن کالا ، متاع ، چیز ، اسباب ، ماده ، بند ، فصل ، شرط ، مقاله ، گفتار ، حرف تعریف (مثل) the ، قانون ـ فقه: ماده قانون ، ماده ، بازرگانی: مقاله
کامپیوتر: مقاله

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- piece, composition, discourse, essay, feature, item, paper, story, treatise
- thing, commodity, item, object, piece, substance, unit
- clause, item, paragraph, part, passage, point, portion, section
Related Words: division, section, segment, critique, manifesto, report, statement, study, survey, detail, particular
English Thesaurus: article, story, piece, feature, review, ...

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article S2 W1 /ˈɑːtɪkəl $ ˈɑːr-/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin articulus 'joint, division', from artus 'joint']

1. NEWSPAPER/MAGAZINE a piece of writing about a particular subject in a newspaper or magazine
article on/about
an article on environmental issues
The paper’s leading article (=the main article) described the government as weak.
newspaper articles

2. OBJECT formal a thing, especially one of a group of things Synonym : item:
household articles
She only took a few articles of clothing with her.

3. LAW a part of a law or legal agreement that deals with a particular point:
Article 1 of the constitution guarantees freedom of religion.

4. GRAMMAR technical a word used before a noun to show whether the noun refers to a particular example of something or to a general example of something. In English, ‘the’ is called the definite article and ‘a’ and ‘an’ are called the indefinite article.

5. articles British English an agreement by which someone finishes their training, especially as a lawyer, by working for a company

6. an article of faith something that you feel very strongly about so that it affects how you think or behave

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I. piece of writing
ADJ. brilliant, excellent, good, informative, interesting | influential, major, seminal | controversial, critical, provocative | in-depth | feature, lead/leading, review A leading article in ‘The Times’ accused the minister of lying.
occasional (= not part of a series) It was her job to commission occasional articles.
offending An advertisement will now replace the offending article.
academic, learned, scholarly | journal, magazine, newspaper, periodical, press
QUANT. series
VERB + ARTICLE commission | do I'm doing an article about ways of preventing pollution.
contribute, submit | read, see Did you see the article on Europe in today's paper?
carry, feature, print, publish, run The magazine refused to print his article.
ARTICLE + VERB appear The article appears in this week's edition of ‘The Spectator’.
describe sth, detail sth, explain sth, point sth out, say sth, state sth | discuss sth, examine sth, explore sth, focus on sth, look at sth The article looks at two questions.
allege sth, argue sth, claim sth, imply sth, suggest sth | attack sb/sth, criticize sb/sth | cite sb/sth, quote sb/sth | continue, go on The article goes on to quote from Darwin's ‘Origin of Species’.
conclude sth
PREP. in an/the ~ She admitted she was wrong in an article in the newspaper.
~ about, ~ by an article about atomic clocks by Professor Keith Runcorn
~ on an article on the dangers of sunbathing
PHRASES an article called/entitled/headed sth an article entitled ‘Think Yourself Thin’

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II. part of law
ADJ. key The key articles of the constitution can only be changed by referendum.
VERB + ARTICLE be in breach of, breach, contravene, flout, infringe, violate The actions of the organization are in breach of Article 12 of the treaty.
ARTICLE + VERB provide sth, specify sth, state sth Article 10 provides that all businesses must be registered correctly.
PREP. under an/the ~ The judge ordered the child's return home under Article 12 of the Convention.
PHRASES the terms of an article The terms of Article 3 will be changed by the new government.

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III. thing
ADJ. finished The finished article takes two months to manufacture.
the genuine Fake designer watches are sold at a fraction of the price of the genuine article.
offending | household, toilet
VERB + ARTICLE make, manufacture, produce
PHRASES an article of clothing

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IV. grammar
ADJ. definite, indefinite
VERB + ARTICLE take Names of countries in English do not usually take an article.

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a newspaper article
He writes newspaper articles in the Guardian.
a magazine article
The couple talked frankly about their joy at having a new baby in a magazine article published yesterday.
a feature article (=one about a particular subject)
I wrote a few feature articles on sporting events.
a good/excellent/interesting article
There was an interesting article on Russia in the paper today.
the leading/lead article (=the main article)
Look at this leading article from Newsweek’s business section.
a front-page article
The protest followed a front-page article in the Herald three weeks ago.
an in-depth article (=one that is detailed)
Each issue contains in-depth articles and photographs.
write/do an article
The Times have asked me if I will do an article on the election.
read/see an article
It was good to see such an intelligent article on censorship.
publish/carry/run an article (=print it in a newspaper or magazine)
The magazine carried an article on the dangers of being overweight.
an article appears in a newspaper/magazine
A couple of articles appeared in local papers, but nothing else.

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