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artless /ˈɑːtləs $ ˈɑːrt-/ adjective

بی هنر ، بی صنعت ، ساده ، بی تزویر ، غیر صنعتی
- straightforward, frank, guileless, open, plain
- natural, plain, pure, simple, unadorned, unaffected, unpretentious
Antonyms: artful, affected
Contrasted words: cunning, insidious, sly, wily, calculating, designing, intriguing, scheming, artificial, insincere
Related Words: free, relaxed, aboveboard, forthright, straightforward, childlike, trusting, unsuspicious, untouched, virginal

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artless /ˈɑːtləs $ ˈɑːrt-/ adjective

1. literary natural, honest, and sincere:
artless sincerity

2. formal made or done without any skill:
an artless copy of European art
—artlessly adverb
—artlessness noun [uncountable]

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