as follows

بشرح زیر (ین) ، بشرح ذیل ، ازاین قرار
as follows
said to introduce a list of things:
The winners are as follows - Woods, Smith and Cassidy.

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as follows
in this way or arrangement.
Treatment of your injury is as follows — wash the cut and change the bandage daily.

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as follows
A list of things that come next; what is listed next.
Followed by a colon.
My grocery list is as follows: bread, butter, meat, eggs, sugar.
The names of the members are as follows: John Smith, Mary Webb, Linda Long, Ralph Harper.
The route is as follows: From City Hall go south on Main Street to Elm Street, east on Elm to 5th Street, and south on 5th two blocks to the school.

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