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ASH /æʃ/
Ash, Mary Kay /ˈmeəri keɪ/
ash /æʃ/ noun

خاکستر کردن ، (گ.ش). درخت زبان گنجشک(fraxinus) ، (درجمع) خاکستر ، خاکسترافشاندن یا ریختن ، بقایای جسد انسان پس از مرگ ، علوم مهندسی: خاکستر شدن خاکستر ، زیست شناسی: خاکستر
Synonyms: ashes, cinders, clinkers
Related Words: dross, scoria, slag, charcoal, coal(s), coke, ember(s), fumes, smoke, soot

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ASH /æʃ/
abbreviation for Action on Smoking and Health; a British organization that opposes smoking and the tobacco industry. It tries to influence the government to put high taxes on tobacco and to make laws that restrict smoking, cigarette advertising etc.

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Ash, Mary Kay /ˈmeəri keɪ/
(1915–2001) a US businesswoman who started a cosmetics company that operates in many countries. The company uses saleswomen (saleswoman) who sell directly to customers, rather than in shops, and successful saleswomen are given pink Cadillacs (=a type of expensive car).

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ash /æʃ/ noun
[Sense 1-2: Language: Old English; Origin: asce]
[Sense 3: Language: Old English; Origin: æsc]

1. [uncountable and countable] the soft grey powder that remains after something has been burned:
cigarette ash
The house burnt to ashes.

2. ashes [plural]
a) the ash that remains when a dead person’s body is burned:
His ashes were scattered at sea.
b) a situation in which something is completely destroyed:
The organization has risen from the ashes to become very successful.
All her hopes and dreams had turned to ashes.

3. [uncountable and countable] a tree that is common in Britain and North America, or the wood from this tree

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I. powder that is left after sth has burnt
ADJ. glowing, hot, red-hot, smouldering the glowing ashes of the dying fire
cold, dead The fire had died to cold ashes.
fine Fine ash covered the hill near the volcano.
bonfire, cigarette, coal, volcanic, wood
QUANT. cloud A cloud of ash rose from the volcano.
VERB + ASH flick, tap (used about cigarette ash) He flicked ash into the ashtray.
reduce sth to, turn to ~es a village reduced to ashes by war (figurative) All her dreams had turned to ashes.
ASH + VERB fall Ash from the volcano fell over a wide area.
PHRASES rise from the ashes (figurative) The party had risen, like a phoenix, from the ashes of electoral disaster.

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II. ashes: remains of a dead body
VERB + ASH scatter His ashes were scattered on his beloved farm.

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