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assent /əˈsent/ noun [uncountable]

موافقت کردن ، رضایت دادن ، موافقت ، پذیرش ، قانون ـ فقه: تصدیق کردن
- agreement, acceptance, approval, compliance, concurrence, consent, permission, sanction
- agree, allow, approve, consent, grant, permit
Antonyms: dissent
Contrasted words: rebuff, refuse, reject, scorn, scout, spurn, deny, gainsay
Related Idioms: be at one with, cast one's vote for, give the nod of approval, go along with, see eye to eye with
Related Words: adopt, embrace, espouse, accept, abide, bear (with), endure, stand, suffer, tolerate, down, stomach, swallow, take, defer, relent, submit, yield

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I. assent1 /əˈsent/ noun [uncountable] formal
approval or agreement from someone who has authority:
a nod of assent
assent of
the assent of the Board of Governors
assent to
Parliament gave its assent to war.

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II. assent2 verb [intransitive] formal
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: assenter, from Latin assentire, from ad- 'to' + sentire 'to feel']
to agree to a suggestion, idea etc after considering it carefully
assent to
They assented to his request to work from home.

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ADJ. common, general, universal Medicine is, by common assent, a good profession. There was general assent about his achievements.
royal The Education Act received the royal assent in 1944.
VERB + ASSENT give sth, grant The government gave their assent to the project.
withhold | meet with, obtain, receive | express, grunt, indicate, nod He nodded his assent when I asked if I could leave.
PREP. in ~ She smiled in assent.
with/without sb's ~ The raising of taxes without the assent of Parliament was declared illegal.
PHRASES a murmur/nod of assent The suggestion was greeted with a murmur of assent.

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