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assured /əˈʃʊəd $ əˈʃʊrd/ adjective

خاطرجمع ، مطمئن ، امن ، محفوظ ، جسور ، مغرور ، بیمه شده ، محرم ، بازرگانی: بیمه گزار
- confident, certain, poised, positive, self-assured, self-confident, sure of oneself
- certain, beyond doubt, confirmed, ensured, fixed, guaranteed, in the bag (slang), secure, settled, sure
Contrasted words: abashed, discomfited, disconcerted, embarrassed, rattled, hesitant, insecure, reluctant, uncertain, apprehensive, timorous, ambiguous, enigmatic, mysterious, obscure
Related Words: collected, composed, cool, imperturbable, unflappable, unruffled, game, plucky, resolute, spunky, certain, fixed, set

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assured /əˈʃʊəd $ əˈʃʊrd/ adjective

1. confident about your own abilities Synonym : self-assured:
an assured manner

2. be assured of something if you are assured of something, you will definitely get it or achieve it:
His victory means that he is now assured of a place in the final.

3. certain to happen or to be achieved:
Her political future looks assured.

4. the assured British English technical someone whose life has been insured

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I. confident
VERBS be, feel, look, rest, seem You can rest assured that your children are in good hands.
ADV. very Although the situation was tense, her voice was calm and very assured.

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II. certain to happen
VERBS be, look, seem
ADV. absolutely | virtually

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