at all

بهیچ وجه، ابدا
ارسال ایمیل
at all
Synonyms: ever, anyway, anywise, once, anytime

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at all adverb
(used to make negatives and questions stronger) in any way or of any type:
He's had no food at all.
I haven't been at all well recently.
I'm afraid I've got nothing at all to say.
Is there any uncertainty at all about the way she died?
Why bother getting up at all when you don't have a job to go to?

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at all
to any degree.
Some plants do not grow at all in that climate.

Did she ever hear from Linda at all?

Usage notes: also used in the forms any at all - any amount whatever and the negative (not) much at all - not to any great degree:
The problem wasn't getting good health care but getting any at all.

I never knew much at all about fine art.

under any conditions.
She would not have been happy there at all.

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at all
adv. phr. At any time or place, for any reason, or in any degree or manner.
Used for emphasis with certain kinds of words or sentences.
1. Negative
It's not at all likely he will come.
2. Limited
I can hardly hear you at all.
3. Interrogative
Can it be done at all?
4. Conditional
She will walk with a limp, if she walks at all.
Synonym: IN THE LEAST.

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