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attached /əˈtætʃt/

پیوسته ، ضمیمه ، دلبسته ، علاقمند ، وابسته ، مربوط ، متعلق
- spoken for, accompanied, engaged, married, partnered
- attached to: fond of, affectionate towards, devoted to, full of regard for

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attached /əˈtætʃt/
be attached to sb/sth to like someone or something very much:
The children are very attached to their grandparents.
I'm very attached to my old guitar.
See also attach.

attachment /əˈtætʃ.mənt/
noun [C or U]
a feeling of love or strong connection to someone or something:
At university I formed a strong attachment to one of my tutors.
She is unlikely to give up her lifelong attachment to feminist ideas.
See also attachment at attach.

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I. full of affection
VERBS be | become, grow We've grown very attached to this village and wouldn't want to move.
ADV. deeply, strongly, very | increasingly | quite | emotionally, personally
PREP. to Mr Wells is obviously quite attached to you.

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II. joined to sth
VERBS be | remain, stay
ADV. firmly, securely Make sure all the wires remain firmly attached.
loosely | directly | permanently | physically
PREP. to The ball was attached to a length of thin chain.

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