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attempt /əˈtempt/ noun [countable]
attempt verb [transitive]

سو قصد کردن ، کوشش کردن ، قصد کردن ، مبادرت کردن به ، تقلا کردن ، جستجو کردن ، کوشش ، قصد ، قانون ـ فقه: شروع به جرم
- try, endeavour, seek, strive, undertake, venture
- try, bid, crack (informal), effort, go (informal), shot (informal), stab (informal), trial
Antonyms: succeed
Contrasted words: accomplish, achieve, effect, execute, fulfill, perform, attain, compass, gain, reach, accomplishment, achievement, attainment, finish, fulfillment
Related Idioms: give (something) a try, take a crack (or whack) at
Related Words: begin, commence, inaugurate, initiate, start, venture, care, effort, pains, trouble, beginning, commencement, initiation, offer, shy
English Thesaurus: try, attempt, do your best, make an effort to do something, struggle, ...

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I. attempt1 S2 W1 /əˈtempt/ noun [countable]

1. an act of trying to do something, especially something difficult
attempt to do something
All attempts to control inflation have failed.
attempt at (doing) something
her feeble attempts at humour
at the first/second etc attempt
She passed her driving test at the first attempt.

2. make no attempt to do something to not try to do something at all:
He made no attempt to hide his anger.

3. an attempt on sb’s life an occasion when someone tries to kill a famous or important person:
She has already survived two attempts on her life.

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II. attempt2 S2 W2 verb [transitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: attemptare, from ad- 'to' + temptare 'to touch, try']

1. to try to do something, especially something difficult
attempt to do something
In this chapter I will attempt to explain what led up to the revolution.
Weather conditions prevented them from attempting the jump.

2. attempted murder/suicide/rape etc an act of trying to kill or harm someone, kill yourself etc:
He pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

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ADJ. successful | abortive, botched, failed, fruitless, futile, ill-fated, unsuccessful, vain her vain attempt to save her son's life
conscious, deliberate | brave, bold, concerted, determined, serious, valiant | blatant | feeble, half-hearted, weak | clumsy, crude | desperate, frantic, last-ditch a desperate attempt to find survivors of the accident
repeated repeated attempts to break through enemy lines
assassination, coup, rescue, suicide Rescue attempts were stopped because of bad weather.
VERB + ATTEMPT make She has made no attempt to contact her mother.
succeed in He succeeded in his attempt to break the world record.
abandon, fail in, give up He abandoned his attempt to reach the summit.
foil, thwart Their attempt to break out of prison was foiled.
ATTEMPT + VERB succeed | fail
PREP. in an/the ~ In an attempt to ward off criticism, the government has made education a priority.
~ at He made a feeble attempt at a smile.
~ by an attempt by workers to prevent redundancies
PHRASES an attempt on sb's life (= to kill sb)

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make an attempt
She made several attempts to escape.
abandon/give up an attempt
They had to abandon their attempt to climb the mountain.
fail/succeed in your attempt
He failed in his attempt to set a new Olympic record.
foil/thwart an attempt formal (=make it fail)
Troops loyal to the general foiled the assassination attempt.
an attempt fails/succeeds
All attempts to find a cure have failed.
on the first/second etc attempt (also at the first/second etc attempt British English)
The car started at the second attempt.
a vain attempt (=one that does not succeed)
They worked through the night in a vain attempt to finish on schedule.
a desperate attempt (=that involves a lot of effort)
Doctors made a desperate attempt to save his life.
a deliberate/conscious attempt
His question was a deliberate attempt to humiliate her.
a serious/genuine attempt
This is the first serious attempt to tackle the problem.
an unsuccessful/a successful attempt
an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the government
an abortive attempt formal (=unsuccessful)
They made an abortive attempt to keep the company going.
a futile attempt (= certain to fail and not worth doing)
I jumped up and down in a futile attempt to keep warm.
a doomed attempt (=certain to fail, and causing something very bad to happen)
His attempt to reach the Pole was doomed from the beginning.
a brave/bold/gallant/valiant attempt approving (=one that you admire, but that is unsuccessful)
The previous government made a brave attempt to tackle the problem.
She made a valiant attempt to continue playing, but the pain was too much.
a blatant attempt disapproving (=when someone openly tries to do something bad)
It was a blatant attempt to hide the truth.
a final/last attempt
They made one final attempt to make their marriage work.
a last-ditch attempt (=a final attempt to achieve something before it is too late)
Negotiators are making a last-ditch attempt to save the agreement.
a rescue attempt
Two firefighters were hurt in the rescue attempt.
an assassination attempt (=an attempt to kill a leader)
De Gaulle survived an assassination attempt in 1961.
a suicide attempt (=an attempt to kill yourself)
He was admitted to hospital after a suicide attempt.
a coup attempt (=an attempt to change the government, usually by force)
The US helped to crush the coup attempt.

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BAD: His attempt of seizing power was defeated by the army.
GOOD: His attempt to seize power was defeated by the army.

Usage Note:
(make) an attempt to do/at doing sth : 'The government's attempts to control inflation have failed miserably.' 'He made several unsuccessful attempts at getting the car started.'

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