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GRE vocabulary

attune verb. [ǝ'tju:n]

هم اهنگ کردن ، هم کوک کردن ، (مج) وفق دادن ، مناسبت ، موافق
Synonyms: accustom, adapt, adjust, familiarize, harmonize, regulate
Contrasted words: divide, separate, wean
Related Idioms: put in tune, set to rights (or in order)
Related Words: balance, compensate, counterbalance, accord, agree, fix, rectify, regulate

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at·tune (ə-tn, ə-tyn)
tr.v. at·tuned, at·tun·ing, at·tunes
To bring into a harmonious or responsive relationship:
an industry that is not attuned to market demands.
Music. To tune (an instrument).

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