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audience /ˈɔːdiəns $ ˈɒː-, ˈɑː-/ noun

اجازه حضور ، بار ، ملاقات رسمی ، حضار ، مستمعین ، شنودگان ، قانون ـ فقه: شنوندگان ، روانشناسی: پیامگیران
مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: ملاقات رسمی ، شنوندگان

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- spectators, assembly, crowd, gallery, gathering, listeners, onlookers, turnout, viewers
- interview, consultation, hearing, meeting, reception
Related Words: attention, consideration, ear, admirers, devotees, fanciers, fans, votaries
English Thesaurus: interview, interrogation, cross-examination, consultation, audience, ...

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audience S2 W2 /ˈɔːdiəns $ ˈɒː-, ˈɑː-/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: Latin audientia 'hearing', from audire; audio]

1. [countable also + plural verb] British English a group of people who come to watch and listen to someone speaking or performing in public:
The audience began clapping and cheering.
audience of
an audience of 250 business people
One member of the audience described the opera as ‘boring’.

2. [countable also + plural verb] British English the people who watch or listen to a particular programme, or who see or hear a particular artist’s, writer’s etc work:
The show attracts a regular audience of about 20 million.
target audience (=the type of people that a programme, advertisement etc is supposed to attract)
Goya was one of the first painters to look for a wider audience for his work.
The book is not intended for a purely academic audience.

3. [countable] a formal meeting with a very important person
audience with
He was granted an audience with the Pope.

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I. group of people watching/listening to sth
ADJ. big, capacity, large, mass, packed, vast, wide The museum is trying to attract a wider audience.
select, small | appreciative, enthusiastic, receptive, sympathetic | hostile | captive | potential, target | cinema, live, radio, studio, television
VERB + AUDIENCE address, perform to, play to He prefers playing to live audiences.
attract, draw, pull in Such a well-known politician should draw a big audience.
reach We want to reach a target audience that's younger in age.
captivate, grip, thrill The film has thrilled audiences throughout the country.
move The audience was visibly moved.
AUDIENCE + VERB applaud, cheer The audience cheered loudly.
boo, jeer | laugh
AUDIENCE + NOUN participation
PREP. before/in front of an/the ~ He felt nervous standing up in front of the large audience.

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II. formal meeting with a very important person
ADJ. private
VERB + AUDIENCE have | ask for, request, seek | give sb, grant sb The Pope granted him an audience.
PREP. ~ with He sought a private audience with the Queen.

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perform/play to an audience
The band played to huge audiences in Mexico City and Buenos Aires.
an audience laughs
He has the ability to make an audience laugh.
an audience claps
Most of the audience clapped but a few people jeered.
an audience cheers
The audience cheered loudly when he came on stage.
the audience boos
She swore at the audience and they began to boo her.
a capacity/packed audience (=the largest number of people who can fit into a hall, theatre etc)
The lecture attracted a capacity audience.
an enthusiastic audience
They drew enthusiastic audiences at Europe's biggest rock festival.
stadium audiences
Celine Dion's tour continues to play to sold-out stadium audiences across Europe.
have an audience
The programme has a massive audience, ranging from children to grandparents.
attract an audience (=make people want to watch)
The first show attracted a television audience of more than 2 million.
reach an audience
For an advertiser who wants to reach a large audience, television news easily surpasses other news media.
appeal to an audience (=be interesting to them)
They brought new fashions into their designs to appeal to a wider audience.
a large/huge etc audience
Messages posted on the Internet can attract a huge audience.
a wide audience
an author who commands a wide audience
a worldwide audience
The game has an ever-increasing worldwide audience.
a young/teenage audience
a magazine with a young audience
an older audience
The programme mainly appeals to an older audience.
a mass audience (=a very large number of people)
Radio brought entertainment to a mass audience.
a television audience (=all the people who watch or listen to a particular programme)
Nearly half the UK television audience watched the programme last Tuesday.
the target audience (=the type of people a programme etc aims to attract)
The target audience is mostly men aged 28 to 35.

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BAD: The priest stands in front of the bride and groom, facing the audience.
GOOD: The priest stands in front of the bride and groom, facing the congregation.

Usage Note:
audience = the people who go to watch/listen to a film, play, concert, public lecture, etc: 'The group has played to vast audiences all over the world.' 'At the end of the talk, members of the audience were invited to ask questions.'
congregation = the people who attend a church service: 'The vicar is always pleased to see new faces in the congregation.'

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