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author /ˈɔːθə $ ˈɒːθər/ noun [countable]

(n.) منصف ، مولف ، نویسنده ، موسس ، بانی ، خالق ، نیا
(vt.) نویسندگی کردن ، تالیف و تصنیف کردن ، باعث شدن ، قانون ـ فقه: مولف
- writer, composer, creator
- creator, architect, designer, father, founder, inventor, originator, producer
Related Words: origin, source, ancestor, parent, procreator
English Thesaurus: writer, author, novelist, poet, playwright, ...

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I. author1 W2 AC /ˈɔːθə $ ˈɒːθər/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old North French; Origin: auctour, from Latin auctor 'maker, writer', from augere; augment]

1. someone who has written a book Synonym : writer:
Nothomb is a Belgian author.
author of
He was the author of two books on China.
It’s clear that the author is a woman.

2. formal the person who starts a plan or idea Synonym : initiator
author of
the author of the state reforms
—authorial /ɔːˈθɔːriəl $ ɒː-/ adjective [only before noun]

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II. author2 AC verb [transitive]
to be the writer of a book, report etc

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ADJ. best-selling | prolific | famous, well-known | anonymous the anonymous author of this pamphlet
children's Primarily a children's author, she has also written books for adults.
VERB + AUTHOR read Stephen King is an author I've never read.
AUTHOR + VERB write (sth) The author was writing in the seventeenth century.

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a famous/well-known author
The famous author Henry James lived here.
a best-selling author
Ian McEwan is a best-selling author.
a children’s author
the children’s author Roald Dahl
your favourite author
Who’s your favourite author?
a prolific author (=one who writes many books)
She is also a prolific author with more than 70 books published.
a contributing author (=someone who writes articles for a newspaper or magazine, or who writes part of a book, report etc)
Ms Gomez was a contributing author to Chapter 1 of the WG II Report.

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