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avail /əˈveɪl/ noun

سودمند بودن ، بدرد خوردن ، دارای ارزش بودن ، در دسترس واقع شدن ، فایده بخشیدن ، سود ، فایده ، استفاده ، کمک ، ارزش
- benefit, aid, assist, be of advantage, be useful, help, profit
- benefit, advantage, aid, good, help, profit, use
Contrasted words: damage, harm, hurt, injure, inappropriateness, unsuitableness
Related Words: answer, fill, fulfill, meet, satisfy, interest, appositeness, suitability

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I. avail1 /əˈveɪl/ noun
to/of no avail if something you do is to no avail or of no avail, you do not succeed in getting what you want:
We searched the whole area but all to no avail. Robbie had disappeared.

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II. avail2 verb
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: vail 'to be of use' (13-17 centuries), from Old French valoir]
avail yourself of something formal to accept an offer or use an opportunity to do something:
How many schools avail themselves of this opportunity each year?

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See: to no avail or of no avail

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