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aversion /əˈvɜːʃən $ əˈvɜːrʒən/ noun [singular, uncountable]

بیزاری ، نفرت ، مخالفت ، ناسازگاری ، مغایرت ، روانشناسی: بیزاری
Synonyms: hatred, animosity, antipathy, disinclination, dislike, hostility, revulsion, unwillingness
Antonyms: predilection, attachment, delight
Contrasted words: bias, partiality, leaning, propensity, taste, penchant, flair, inclination
Related Words: antagonism, antipathy, hostility, dread, fear, horror, abhorrence, distaste, repellency, repugnance, repulsion, revulsion, disgust, loathing

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aversion /əˈvɜːʃən $ əˈvɜːrʒən/ noun [singular, uncountable]
a strong dislike of something or someone Synonym : hatred
aversion to
Despite his aversion to publicity, Arnold was persuaded to talk to the press.
have an aversion to something
I have an aversion to housework.

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ADJ. strong He has a strong aversion to dogs.
VERB + AVERSION have | develop | overcome
AVERSION + NOUN therapy I underwent aversion therapy for my addiction to smoking.
PREP. ~ to Have you developed an aversion to babies?

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