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awake /əˈweɪk/ adjective [not before noun]
awake verb (past tense awoke /əˈwəʊk $ əˈwoʊk/, past participle awoken /əˈwəʊkən $ əˈwoʊ-/) [intransitive and transitive]

Irregular Forms: (awoke)(awoken)

بیدار شدن ، بیدار ماندن ، بیدار کردن ، بیدار
- not sleeping, aroused, awakened, aware, conscious, wakeful, wide-awake
- alert, alive, attentive, aware, heedful, observant, on the lookout, vigilant, watchful
- wake up, awaken, rouse, wake
- alert, arouse, kindle, provoke, revive, stimulate, stir up
Contrasted words: drowsy, sleepy, slumberous, somnolent, inactive, inert, supine
Related Words: vigilant, watchful, aroused, awakened, roused, stirred up, excited

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I. awake1 S3 /əˈweɪk/ adjective [not before noun]

1. not sleeping:
I hope he’s awake now.
She was still only half awake when I brought her a cup of coffee.
How do you stay awake during boring lectures?
Emma lay awake half the night, worrying.
The noise brought him wide awake (=completely awake).
To keep themselves awake (=stop themselves from going to sleep) they sat on the floor and told each other stories.

2. be awake to something to understand a situation and its possible effects Synonym : be aware of something:
Too few people are awake to the dangers of noise pollution.

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II. awake2 verb (past tense awoke /əˈwəʊk $ əˈwoʊk/, past participle awoken /əˈwəʊkən $ əˈwoʊ-/) [intransitive and transitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: awacan (from wacan) and awacian (from wacian); wake1]

1. formal to wake up, or to make someone wake up:
It was midday when she awoke.
We awoke to a day of brilliant sunshine.

In everyday English, people usually use wake up rather than awake:
I woke up at 4 o'clock this morning.

2. literary if something awakes an emotion, or if an emotion awakes, you suddenly begin to feel that emotion:
The gesture awoke an unexpected flood of tenderness towards her.
awake to something phrasal verb
to begin to realize the possible effects of a situation Synonym : wake up to:
Artists finally awoke to the aesthetic possibilities of photography.

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VERBS be, lie At night, he lay awake beside her.
come, jerk Claudia came awake slowly. Stephen jerked awake from a nightmare.
keep, remain, stay He was struggling to stay awake.
jerk sb, jolt sb, nudge sb, shake sb A few hours later Benjamin shook me awake.
keep sb The noise had kept her awake.
ADV. fully, wide By now, the baby was wide awake.
hardly, only half It was very early and I was only half awake.
still The children were still awake when we went out.

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ADV. early, late She awoke early the next morning.
PREP. from I awoke from a deep sleep at six o'clock.

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stay/keep/remain awake
I was tired and it was hard to stay awake.
lie awake
Kate lay awake thinking about what had happened.
keep somebody awake
The noise of the airplanes kept me awake.
shake somebody awake
Ben shook me awake and told me the news.
be wide/fully awake (=completely awake)
I'm never wide awake until I've had a cup of coffee.
be half awake (=not fully awake)
Most of the people on the train were only half awake.
be hardly/barely awake
George, barely awake, came stumbling down the stairs.

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BAD: I get up at seven o'clock but I awake an hour earlier.
GOOD: I get up at seven o'clock but I wake up an hour earlier.
BAD: The next morning we awoke up at 7 o'clock to catch the train.
GOOD: The next morning we woke up at 7 o'clock to catch the train.

Usage Note:
Awake is used mainly as an adjective: 'It's gone ten o'clock and the children are still awake.' As a verb, awake (WITHOUT up ) is used only in literary styles: 'I awoke to the sound of church bells.'
The usual verb is wake up : 'She told me that she keeps waking up in the middle of the night.' 'I was woken up by a loud whistling noise.'

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