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babe /beɪb/ noun [countable]

(=baby) طفل ، نوزاد ، کودک ، شخص ساده و معصوم
پزشکی: کودک ، طفل ، نوزاد

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Synonyms: baby, bantling, infant, neonate, newborn

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babe /beɪb/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: Probably from the sounds made by a baby]

1. literary a baby
babe in arms (=one that has to be carried)

2. spoken informal a word for an attractive young woman

3. spoken informal a way of speaking to a young woman, often considered offensive

4. spoken a way of speaking to someone you love, especially your wife or husband

5. babe in the woods American English someone who can be easily deceived:
He was like a babe in the woods when he first came to New York.

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