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baby /ˈbeɪbi/ noun (plural babies) [countable]

بچه ، طفل ، نوزاد ، مانند کودک رفتار کردن ، نوازش کردن ، روانشناسی: شیرخواره ، ورزش: اسب دوساله
- infant, babe, babe in arms, bairn (Scot.), child, newborn child
- small, little, mini, miniature, minute, teeny-weeny, tiny, wee
Contrasted words: control, discipline, restrain, abuse, ill-treat, ill-use, mistreat, oppress, neglect, overlook, slight
Related Idioms: babe in arms
Related Words: bambino, little one, toddler, tot, nursling, suckling, weanling, bratling, dry-nurse, wet-nurse, dote (on or upon), favor, gratify, please, satisfy
English Thesaurus: baby, toddler, infant, little one, young, ...

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I. baby1 S1 W1 /ˈbeɪbi/ noun (plural babies) [countable]
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: babe]

1. YOUNG CHILD a very young child who has not yet learned to speak or walk:
The baby is crying.
She gave birth to a baby on Thursday.
What do you think of your new baby sister?test-tube baby

2. YOUNG ANIMAL a very young animal:
baby birds

3. VEGETABLE a type of vegetable which is grown to be much smaller than usual or is eaten before it has grown to its normal size:
baby carrots
baby sweetcorn

4. YOUNGEST a younger child in a family, often the youngest:
Clare is the baby of the family.

5. WOMAN spoken
a) used to address someone that you love:
Relax, baby – we’re on holiday.
b) not polite used to address a young woman that you do not know

6. SILLY PERSON someone, especially an older child, who is not behaving in a brave way:
Don’t be a baby!

7. RESPONSIBILITY something special that someone has developed or is responsible for:
Don’t ask me about the building contract – that’s Robert’s baby.

8. THING informal something, especially a piece of equipment or a machine, that you care about a lot:
This baby can reach speeds of 130 miles per hour.
throw the baby out with the bathwater at throw1(37)

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II. baby2 verb (past tense and past participle babied, present participle babying, third person singular babies) [transitive]
to be too kind to someone and look after them as if they were a baby

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ADJ. new, newborn, tiny | low birthweight, small, tiny Smoking in pregnancy increases the risk of producing a low birthweight baby. | big | full-term | pre-term, premature | stillborn | unborn | little, young | three-day-old, six-week-old, ten-month-old, etc. | beautiful, bonny, lovely | bouncing (informal), healthy, normal A bonny, bouncing baby, Freddie was her heart's desire and joy.
contented, good, perfect | colicky, crying, screaming | sleeping | growing He took an interest in the growing baby even before it was born.
bottle-fed, breast-fed | illegitimate | test-tube | abandoned, unwanted | war (= born during the war)
VERB + BABY have I want to have a baby.
conceive, make babies (informal) Darling, I just want to stay with you and make babies!
carry, expect She's not sure yet how many babies she's carrying. She's expecting a baby in July.
give birth to, produce | deliver The baby was delivered by a midwife.
lose She lost her baby (= had a miscarriage) three months into her pregnancy.
care for, look after | feed | bottle-feed | breastfeed, nurse | burp The baby needed burping after every bottle.
wean You can start weaning your baby when it's four months old.
change You should change your baby about six times a day.
bath | comfort, cradle, cuddle, hold, pick up, rock, take She rocked the baby to sleep in her arms. Could you take the baby? I need to bring in the washing.
swaddle | play with | adopt They would like to adopt a newborn baby.
have adopted, put up for adoption She decided to put her baby up for adoption.
abandon | sleep like He was so tired after all his exertions, he slept like a baby.
BABY + VERB be due The baby is due in October.
arrive, be born Their first baby arrived exactly nine months after the wedding.
bawl, cry, scream | babble, coo The baby cooed happily on the rug.
be sick, dribble, drool Babies drool a lot when they are teething. | be teething | crawl, sit up, take his/her first steps, toddle, walk | kick, move I could feel the baby moving inside me.
BABY + NOUN boy, girl | brother, daughter, sister, son | bird, rabbit, etc. | clothes | food | buggy, carrier | alarm, monitor | bath | talk I didn't use baby talk with my children, but used proper words right from the start.
unit the hospital's special care baby unit
boom (= a period when many more babies are born than usual)

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a baby is born
Let me know as soon as the baby is born.
have a baby/give birth to a baby
She had the baby at home.
Sue gave birth to a baby boy.
be expecting a baby (=be pregnant)
My wife’s expecting a baby.
a baby is due (=is expected to be born)
When is your baby due?
lose a baby (=have a baby that dies when it is born too soon)
She was three months pregnant when she lost the baby.
deliver a baby (=help a woman to give birth to a baby)
Usually your baby will be delivered by a midwife.
abandon a baby (=leave your baby somewhere because you do not want it)
A disturbing number of babies are abandoned by their mothers.
feed a baby
If your baby cries, she may want feeding.
breast-feed a baby
63% of new mothers breast-feed their babies.
change a baby (=change its nappy)
Could you change the baby for me?
a newborn baby
There’s plenty of help and advice for people with newborn babies.
an unborn baby (=not yet born)
Drinking alcohol is bad for your unborn baby.
a premature baby (=born before the normal time)
Lesley’s baby was three weeks premature.
an abandoned baby (=left somewhere by a mother who does not want it)
The abandoned baby was found under a hedge.
an illegitimate baby (=born to an unmarried mother)
The number of illegitimate babies is rising.
an unwanted baby
Unwanted babies were frequently abandoned in the streets.
a contented baby
Danielle was a lovely contented baby.
a baby boy/girl
She’s just had a lovely healthy baby girl.
a baby son/daughter/brother/sister
We’d like a baby brother or sister for Ben.
baby clothes/food

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DUBIOUS: Sitting in the next seat was a young woman who was having a baby.
GOOD: Sitting in the next seat was a young woman who was expecting a baby.

Usage Note:
have a baby = give birth to a baby: 'She's worried about having the baby at home in case there are complications.'
be expecting a baby = be pregnant: 'Janet is expecting another baby.'
Note that be having a baby can be used to mean 'be pregnant' but this should be avoided when there is a danger of confusion.

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See: war baby

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