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backdrop /ˈbækdrɒp $ -drɑːp/ noun [countable]

پرش و افتادن به پشت با دست و پا در هوا و ایستادن (ترامپولین) ، پرده ء پشت صحنه ء تاتر ، ورزش: پرش و افتادن به پشت با دست و پا در هوا و ایستادن
backdrop /ˈbækdrɒp $ -drɑːp/ noun [countable]

1. literary the scenery behind something that you are looking at
backdrop to
The sea made a splendid backdrop to the garden.

2. the conditions or situation in which something happens
against a backdrop of something
a love story set against a backdrop of war and despair

3. a painted cloth hung across the back of a stage

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ADJ. dramatic, magnificent, perfect, picturesque, romantic | economic, historical, political
VERB + BACKDROP have | provide
PREP. against a/the ~ of The conference begins this week against a backdrop of unmitigated gloom.
~ for The Alps provided the perfect backdrop for a romantic holiday.
~ of The large bay has a superb backdrop of mountains.
~ to War is more than just a dramatic backdrop to the novel.

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