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background /ˈbækɡraʊnd/ noun

دورنما ، زمینه ، نهانگاه ، سابقه ، کامپیوتر: پس زمینه ، معماری: دورنمای عقب ، روانشناسی: زمینه ، علوم نظامی: معلومات قبلی
مهندسی صنایع: زمینه ، پیش زمینه ، سابقه الکترونیک: زمینه ، سابقه ، پس زمینه ، کامپیوتر: زمینه ، دورنمای عقب ، معماری: زمینه ، دورنما ، معلومات قبلی ، علوم نظامی: زمینه ، روانشناسی: زمینه ، نهانگاه ، سابقه کامپیوتر: پشت صحنه - عکس زمینه desk top کامپیوتر: پس زمینه

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Synonyms: history, circumstances, culture, education, environment, grounding, tradition, upbringing
English Thesaurus: class, background, working-class/middle-class etc background, middle-class, white-collar, ...

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background S2 W2 /ˈbækɡraʊnd/ noun

1. [countable] someone’s family, education, previous work etc:
Students with a background in chemistry will probably find the course easier.
It’s important to understand other people, people from different backgrounds.
Do you know anything about his background?

2. [uncountable and countable] the situation or past events that explain why something happens in the way that it does
background to
Without knowing the background to the case, I couldn’t possibly comment.
against a background of something
The peace talks are being held against a background of increasing violence.
background information/details/data etc
The author included a new chapter of background material for the second edition of the book.

3. [countable usually singular] the area that is behind the main thing that you are looking at, especially in a picture:
The background looks out of focus.
in the background
In the background, you can see my college friends.

4. [countable] the pattern or colour on top of which something has been drawn, printed etc:
red lettering on a white background

5. in the background someone who keeps or stays in the background tries not to be noticed:
The president’s advisors are content to remain in the background.

6. [uncountable and countable] the sounds that you can hear apart from the main thing that you are listening to
in the background
In the background, I could hear the sound of traffic.
All of the background noise made it difficult to have a phone conversation.

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I. type of family/social class sb comes from
ADJ. broad, narrow It is important to have a broad educational background.
mixed | privileged, wealthy | deprived, disadvantaged, poor | middle class, upper class, working class | academic, class, cultural, educational, ethnic, family, military, professional, religious, social, socio-economic
VERB + BACKGROUND come from, have He came from a very privileged background.
be drawn from The students are drawn from very mixed social backgrounds.
BACKGROUND + VERB be in sth Her background was in biology and medicine.
PREP. from a ~ children from deprived backgrounds
with a ~ an economist with a background in business
~ in
PHRASES a range/variety of backgrounds

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II. facts connected with a situation/event
ADJ. general | factual | cultural, economic, historical, political, technical
VERB + BACKGROUND describe, give (sb), outline, provide (sb with) The book provides the background to the revolution.
form Those discussions formed the background to the decision.
BACKGROUND + NOUN information, knowledge, reading background information on the country
PREP. against the ~ Against that general background I shall give you a more detailed view of current medical practice.
~ to the technical background to the report

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III. part of a view/picture behind the main parts
PREP. against a/the ~ The areas of water stood out against the dark background.
in the ~ The mountains in the background were capped with snow.
on a/the ~ bright blue on a red background

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IV. position in which sb/sth is not important/noticed
VERB + BACKGROUND blend into, fade into, melt/merge into, recede/retreat into, slip into The dispute over the new contract allowed her other problems to fade into the background. He had learnt how to melt invisibly into the background.
keep/remain/stay in He prefers to remain in the background and let his assistant deal with the press.
hover in I could see my secretary hovering in the background.
BACKGROUND + NOUN music, noise, radiation
PREP. in the ~ There was a radio on in the background.

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family background
Many kids lack a stable family background.
social background
Universities aim to attract students from varied social backgrounds.
cultural background
Some of his attitudes were due to his cultural background.
ethnic background
We do not discriminate against people because of their ethnic background or gender.
class background
Class background is an important factor in the level of schooling achieved.
socio-economic background
Smokers often come from poorer socio-economic backgrounds.
educational/academic background
The interviewer will ask you about your educational background and work experience.
Postgraduate students come from a wide range of academic backgrounds.
professional background
Managers can come from a wide range of professional backgrounds.
a working-class/middle-class background
I came from a very poor working-class background.
a deprived/disadvantaged background
The school has a high percentage of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.
a poor background
His poor background prevented him from going to medical college.
a privileged/wealthy background
All the top jobs were taken by people from privileged backgrounds.
have a background (in something)
We are looking for someone who has a background in science.
come from a background
Mark and I came from very similar backgrounds.
a range of backgrounds
People from a wide range of backgrounds go to watch football.

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