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backing /ˈbækɪŋ/ noun

پشت بند ، مبلغ شرطبندی ، پشتوانه پولی ، پشتی ، پشتیبانی ، پشتیبان ، پوشش ، تصدیق در پشت یا ظهر ورقه ، دیرکردن ، کندی ، علوم مهندسی: پشتی ، معماری: واگشت ، بازرگانی: پشتوانه ، ورزش: کمان نوار پیچی شده برای ازدیاد مقاومت نخ دخیره دور قرقره ماهیگیری
Synonyms: support, aid, assistance, encouragement, endorsement, moral support, patronage, sponsorship
Related Words: championship, cooperation, fosterage, guidance, tutelage, encouragement, assistance, help, support

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backing /ˈbækɪŋ/ noun

1. [uncountable] support or help, especially with money:
She flew to New York to try to raise some financial backing for the project.

2. [countable] material that is used to make the back of an object

3. [countable] the music that is played at the same time as a singer’s voice
—backing adjective:
backing singers

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ADJ. strong | full, unanimous, whole-hearted The teachers have the full backing of the school governors.
financial, legal | government, official, popular
VERB + BACKING have | gain, get, receive, secure, win They have won financial backing from the EU.
need, seek | give sb, provide (sb with) Who's going to provide the backing?
BACKING + VERB come from sb/sth The backing will come from the government.
PREP. with/without the ~ They brought the legal action with the backing of their MP.
~ for They want backing for more research.
~ from backing from management

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