bad tempered
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ˌbad-ˈtempered adjective

بدخو ، تندخو
bad tempered
Synonyms: ill-tempered, dyspeptic, hot-tempered, ill-humored, ill-natured, rusty, tempersome
Antonyms: good-tempered
Contrasted words: forbearing, long-suffering, patient
Related Words: cantankerous, cranky, crusty, temperamental, touchy
English Thesaurus: angry, mad, cross, annoyed, irritated, ...

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ˌbad-ˈtempered adjective British English
someone who is bad-tempered becomes easily annoyed and talks in an angry way to people Synonym : irritable

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bad tempered
VERBS be, look, seem, sound | become, grow | make sb It is his illness that makes him bad-tempered.
ADV. extremely, very | increasingly, more and more He grew more and more bad-tempered as the afternoon wore on.

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