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balance /ˈbæləns/ noun

بالانس کردن ، تراز کردن ، متعادل کردن بالانس ، هم وزن ، تراز شدن ، ترازو ، میزان ، تراز ، تتمه حساب ، مانده ، برابرکردن ، موازنه کردن ، متعادل کردن ، توازن ، علوم مهندسی: توازن ، کامپیوتر: تعادل ، معماری: ترازش ، قانون ـ فقه: تتمه ، روانشناسی: توازن ، زیست شناسی: همیاری ، بازرگانی: صورت وضعیت ، تتمه ، مانده ، ورزش: تعادل ، علوم هوایی: تعادل ، علوم نظامی: متعادل کردن ترازو
مهندسی صنایع: مالی: تراز الکترونیک: تعادل ، کامپیوتر: توازن ، تعادل ، تراز ، همیاری ، زیست شناسی: توازن ، تعادل ، تربیت بدنی: مانده ، تراز ، موازنه ، صورت وضعیت ، تجارت خارجی: بالانس کردن ، تراز کردن ، متعادل کردن بالانس ، هم وزن ، تعادل ، ترازو ، توازن ، علوم مهندسی: موازنه ، مانده ، تتمه ، حقوق: موازنه ، مانده ، تتمه ، بازرگانی: تعادل ، هواپیمایی: تراز ، ترازش ، معماری: تعادل ، توازن ، تراز شدن ، متعادل کردن ترازو ، علوم نظامی: توازن ، روانشناسی: ترازو ، موازنه ، مانده ، اقتصاد: ترازو، میزان ، تراز، موازنه ، تتمه حساب ، مانده ، برابرکردن ، موازنه کردن ، تعادل ، متعادل کردن ، توازن

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- stability, composure, equanimity, poise, self-control, self-possession, steadiness
- equilibrium, correspondence, equity, equivalence, evenness, parity, symmetry
- remainder, difference, residue, rest, surplus
- stabilize, level, match, parallel, steady
- compare, assess, consider, deliberate, estimate, evaluate, weigh
- calculate, compute, settle, square, tally, total
Antonyms: imbalance
Contrasted words: imbalance, unbalance, instability, nervousness, shakiness, uncontrol, unsteadiness, disbalance, disharmony, disproportion, incongruity, inconsistency, irregularity, overbalance
Related Idioms: strike a balance
Related Words: collectedness, composure, cool, coolness, coolth, equanimity, repose, sangfroid, aplomb, assurance, self-assurance, self-possession, control, self-control, stability, steadiness, stagnancy, stagnation, congruity, consistency, correspondence, sameness, adjust, attune, harmonize, tune, accord, agree, correspond, even, level, square

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I. balance1 S2 W2 /ˈbæləns/ noun
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: Vulgar Latin bilancia, from Late Latin bilanx 'having two pans', from Latin lanx 'plate']

1. STEADY [uncountable] a state in which all your weight is evenly spread so that you do not fall:
I lost my balance and fell on my face.

2. EQUAL AMOUNTS [singular, uncountable] a state in which opposite forces or influences exist in equal or the correct amounts, in a way that is good Antonym : imbalance
balance between
Try to keep a balance between work and play.
balance of
Pesticides seriously upset the balance of nature.

3. on balance if you think something on balance, you think it after considering all the facts:
I think on balance I prefer the old system.

4. SURPRISE SOMEBODY catch/throw somebody off balance to surprise someone and make them confused and no longer calm:
The question caught him off balance.

5. BANK [countable] the amount of money that you have in your bank account:
My bank balance isn’t good.

6. MONEY OWED [countable] the balance of a debt is the amount of money that you still owe after you have paid some of it:
The balance is due at the end of the month.

7. REMAINING the balance the amount of something that remains after some has been used, spent, mentioned etc Synonym : the rest:
The firm owns about 96% of the portfolio, with the balance belonging to our family.

8. be/hang in the balance if the future or success of something hangs in the balance, you cannot yet know whether the result will be bad or good:
Meanwhile, the fate of the refugees continues to hang in the balance.

9. tip/swing the balance to influence the result of an event:
The dignity and courage shown by the President may tip the balance in his party’s favour.

10. FOR WEIGHING [countable] an instrument for weighing things, with two dishes that hang from a bar Synonym : scales

11. MENTAL/EMOTIONAL HEALTH [singular] when someone’s mind is healthy and their emotional state is normal:
The death of her friend had disturbed the balance of her mind.

12. the balance of evidence/probability etc the most likely answer or result produced by opposing information, reasons etc
checks and balances at check2(4)

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II. balance2 S3 verb

1. [intransitive and transitive] to be in or get into a steady position, without falling to one side or the other, or to put something into this position
balance something on something
She was balancing a plate of food on her knees.
balance on
He turned around, balancing awkwardly on one foot.

2. [intransitive and transitive] to be equal in importance, amount, value, or effect to something that has the opposite effect:
Job losses in manufacturing were balanced by job increases in the service sector.
just enough sugar to balance the acidity of the fruit

3. [transitive] to consider the importance of one thing in relation to something else when you are making a decision
balance something against something
The courts must balance our liberty against the security of the nation.

4. balance the budget if a government balances the budget, they make the amount of money that they spend equal to the amount of money available

5. balance the books to show that the amount of money a business has received is equal to the amount spent
balance out phrasal verb
if two or more things balance out, the final result is that they are equal in amount, importance, or effect:
Sometimes I look after the kids and sometimes John does – it all balances out.
balancing act

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I. even combination/distribution
ADJ. correct, equal, even, exact, ideal, necessary, optimum, perfect, proper, right With children, it is important to achieve the right balance between love and discipline.
comfortable, equitable, excellent, good, happy, harmonious, healthy a healthy balance of foods
acceptable, adequate, appropriate, fair, reasonable, sensible How do you find an acceptable balance between closeness and distance in a relationship?
careful, delicate, fine, subtle Being a good boss requires a fine balance between kindness and authority.
fragile, precarious, uneasy | overall It is the overall balance of the diet that is important.
ecological, natural Pulling up all the plants will disturb the natural balance of the pond.
hormonal, nutritional | ethnic, gender, social There is an even gender balance amongst staff and students (= equal numbers of men and women).
VERB + BALANCE require | seek | achieve, create, find, strike We need to strike a balance between these conflicting interests.
keep, maintain, sustain You have to maintain a balance in your life or else you'll go crazy.
disturb, upset Tourists often disturb the delicate balance of nature on the island.
redress, restore | affect | alter, change, shift
BALANCE + VERB change, shift
PREP. on ~ (= after considering all the information) On balance, the company has had a successful year.
in ~ It is important to keep the different aspects of your life in balance.
~ between the balance between academic and practical work
~ of the balance of animals and plants in the environment
PHRASES the balance of nature

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II. division of power/influence
ADJ. changing, shifting | military, political
VERB + BALANCE hold to hold the balance of power (= to be in a position where your support would be just enough to give overall power to one group or another) | affect | change, shift | swing, tilt, tip (= to influence a result/decision) In an interview, smart presentation can tip the balance in your favour.
BALANCE + VERB change, shift
PHRASES the balance of advantage The balance of advantage has shifted from the unions to employers.
the balance of forces/power the changing balance of power between the working and middle class
checks and balances Democracy depends on a system of checks and balances.

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III. of the body
ADJ. excellent, good | poor
VERB + BALANCE have Gymnasts have excellent balance.
affect Tightness in one set of muscles will affect your whole balance.
keep I struggled to keep my balance on my new skates.
lose She lost her balance and fell.
recover, regain | knock sb off, throw sb off The sudden movement threw him off balance.
PREP. off ~
PHRASES a sense of balance Cats have a very good sense of balance.

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IV. money
ADJ. account, bank | cash, money | credit, favourable, healthy, positive | debit, negative | cleared, net Interest is calculated on the daily cleared balance and paid direct to your account.
opening | final, outstanding | trade
VERB + BALANCE have Everyone likes to have a healthy bank balance.
ask for, request He asked the cashier for the balance of his current account.
check I'll need to check my bank balance before I spend so much money.
show | achieve | be due The final balance is due six weeks before departure.
pay I'll pay the balance later.
use The balance of the proceeds will be used for new equipment.
bring forward, carry forward the balance brought forward from the previous year
BALANCE + NOUN sheet the company's balance sheet
PHRASES the balance of payments (= the difference between the amount of money coming into and going out of a country), the balance of trade (= the difference in value between imports and exports)

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I. keep steady
ADV. carefully, precariously
PREP. on He balanced the glasses carefully on the tray.

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II. compare two things; give them equal value
VERB + BALANCE have to, need to | seek to, try to The plan seeks to balance two important objectives.
manage to
PREP. against We have to balance the risks of the new strategy against the possible benefits.
with She tries to balance the needs of her children with those of her employer.

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keep your balance (=stay steady)
The sea was so rough that it was hard to keep your balance.
lose your balance (=become unsteady)
She nearly lost her balance as the bus suddenly moved forward.
regain/recover your balance (=become steady again)
He held onto Carrie until he regained his balance.
knock/throw somebody off balance
The blow was hard enough to knock him off balance.
a sense of balance
A good sense of balance is always useful when you are sailing.
strike/achieve/find a balance (=succeed in getting the right balance)
It is necessary to strike a balance between the needs of employers and employees.
Find the right balance between enough exercise and enough rest.
keep/maintain a balance
Try to keep a balance between your spending and your earnings.
A firm must strive to maintain a balance between business and financial risk.
upset the balance (=make it less equal or correct)
The move could upset the delicate balance of power in the Middle East.
change/alter/shift the balance
Will this alter the balance of power in the EU?
His appointment shifted the government’s balance decisively to the right.
redress the balance (also restore the balance British English) (=make it equal or correct again)
What can be done to redress the balance in favour of women?
a good/healthy balance
You should eat a good balance of carbohydrates and protein.
Are you eating a healthy balance of foods?
a fine balance (=hard to achieve)
Teachers need to strike a fine balance of flexibility and control.
a delicate balance (=easily damaged)
Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere upsets the delicate balance of gases.
the right/proper/correct balance
With sport, you have to find the right balance between competition and fun.
the natural balance
Chemicals will upset the natural balance of the pond.
the ecological balance
Human activity is ruining the ecological balance of our planet.
the political/military balance
By this time, the political balance in the Cabinet had altered.
the balance of power
the European balance of power
the balance of nature
Nothing can justify permanent damage to the balance of nature.

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See: hang in the balance , off balance

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