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balanced /ˈbælənst/ adjective

متعادل ، متوازن ، روانشناسی: متوازن
balanced /ˈbælənst/ adjective

1. giving equal attention to all sides or opinions Synonym : fair
a balanced view/account
a balanced account of what happened
balanced reporting of the election campaign

2. arranged to include things or people of different kinds in the right amounts:
a balanced programme of events
the importance of a balanced diet (=one that is healthy because it contains the right foods in the right amounts)
Nature is perfectly balanced.
finely/delicately balanced (=very carefully balanced)
soup with a delicately balanced flavor

3. someone who is balanced is calm and sensible, and has good mental health Antonym : unbalanced

4. balanced budget when a government is not spending more money than it has available

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VERBS be | remain
ADV. properly, well The report was accurate and well balanced. a properly balanced diet
completely, perfectly a perfectly balanced design
equally, evenly | fairly, reasonably, sufficiently | carefully, closely, delicately, finely, nicely The issues are finely balanced and there is no simple answer to the question.
beautifully a beautifully balanced orchestra
PREP. between The parliament was evenly balanced between the two parties.

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