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ban /bæn/ noun [countable]
ban verb (past tense and past participle banned, present participle banning) [transitive]

Irregular Forms: (pl) bani

حکم تحریف یا توقیف ، توقیف کردن ، قدغن کردن ، تحریم کردن ، لعن کردن ، لعن ، حکم تحریم یا تکفیر ، اعلان ازدواج در کلیسا ، قانون ـ فقه: اگهی احضار
- prohibit, banish, bar, block, boycott, disallow, disqualify, exclude, forbid, outlaw
- prohibition, boycott, disqualification, embargo, restriction, taboo
Contrasted words: approve, authorize, suffer, tolerate
Related Words: illegalize, outlaw
English Thesaurus: bar, pub, public house, sb’s local, inn, ...

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I. ban1 W3 /bæn/ noun [countable]
an official order that prevents something from being used or done
ban on
a total ban on cigarette advertising
a call to lift the ban on homosexuals in the military
test ban

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II. ban2 verb (past tense and past participle banned, present participle banning) [transitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: bannan 'to command people to come']
to say that something must not be done, seen, used etc Synonym : prohibit Antonym : allow:
Smoking is banned in the building.
ban somebody from doing something
Charlie’s been banned from driving for a year.
a banned substance/drug (=a drug that people competing in a sport are not allowed to take because it improves their performance)
—banning noun [uncountable]:
the banning of trade unions

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ADJ. blanket, complete, total | partial | temporary | overtime | advertising a blanket advertising ban on tobacco
driving | test a nuclear test ban treaty
VERB + BAN impose, introduce, place, put The EU has imposed a ban on the import of seal skins.
lift, overturn, remove | tighten | ease The ban on exports has now been eased.
call for, demand | oppose, reject | comply with | defy The students took to the streets, defying a ban on political gatherings.
BAN + VERB come into force, start | apply to sth, cover sth The ban only covers tropical hardwood.
PREP. ~ on a ban on traffic in the town centre

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ADV. effectively | formally, officially
VERB + BAN attempt to, seek to, try to | vote to MPs voted to ban hunting with dogs.
PREP. from He has been banned from driving for a year.
PHRASES an attempt/a move to ban sth a move to ban cigarette adverts
a decision to ban sth

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a complete/total ban
They are seeking a complete ban on nuclear testing.
an outright ban (=a complete ban)
an outright ban on gun ownership
an international/worldwide/global ban
an international ban on trade in endangered species
a blanket ban (=including all possible cases)
They imposed a blanket ban on beef products from Europe.
a lifetime ban
He faces a lifetime ban from athletics.
an export/import ban
The export ban on live cattle was brought in some years ago.
an advertising ban
Is an advertising ban a denial of freedom of speech?
a driving ban British English
He was given a three-year driving ban and a fine.
a chemical weapons ban
a global chemical weapons ban
a constitutional ban
The Republican agenda included a constitutional ban on abortion.
an immediate ban
The group has called for an immediate ban on fur farming.
put/place/impose a ban
The government has imposed an outright ban on fox hunting.
lift a ban
They promised to lift the immigration ban.
call for a ban
French farmers have called for a ban on imports.
enforce a ban (=make sure that it is obeyed)
New measures must be taken to enforce the ban on guns and knives.
face a ban
He faced a four-year ban after failing a drugs test.

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