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barren /ˈbærən/ adjective

نازا ، عقیم ، لم یزرع ، بی ثمر ، بی حاصل ، تهی ، سترون ، قانون ـ فقه: نازا
- infertile, childless, sterile
- unproductive, arid, desert, desolate, dry, empty, unfruitful, waste
Antonyms: fecund, fertile
Contrasted words: pregnant, fertile, arable, fruitful, productive, fat, rich, lush, luxuriant, green, verdant, verdurous
Related Words: childless, fallow, heirless, issueless, irreclaimable, uncultivable, unhusbanded, untillable, wild, bleak, depleted, impoverished, poor, worn-out, vegetationless, verdureless, arid, desert, dry, parched

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barren /ˈbærən/ adjective
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: baraine]

1. land or soil that is barren has no plants growing on it:
Thousands of years ago the surface was barren desert.

2. old-fashioned unable to produce children or baby animals – used of a woman or of female animals Synonym : infertile Antonym : fertile

3. a tree or plant that is barren does not produce fruit or seeds

4. used to describe something that does not look interesting or attractive:
The sports hall was a rather barren concrete building.

5. used to describe a period of time during which you do not achieve anything or get any useful results:
I scored five in the first seven games, but I’ve had a bit of a barren patch since then.

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VERBS appear, be | become | make sth The years of growing cotton had made the land completely barren.
ADV. completely, entirely, utterly | almost | largely

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