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bath /bɑːθ $ bæθ/ noun (plural baths /bɑːðz, bɑːθs $ bæðz, bæθs/) [countable]

استحمام ، شستشوکردن ، ابتنی کردن ، حمام گرفتن ، گرمابه ، حمام فرنگی ، وان ، الکترونیک: حمام ابکاری
الکترونیک: حمام ابکاری ، الکترونیک: شستشو، استحمام ، شستشوکردن ، ابتنی کردن ، حمام گرفتن ، گرمابه ، حمام فرنگی ، وان

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- wash, cleansing, douche, scrubbing, shower, soak, tub
- wash, bathe, clean, douse, scrub down, shower, soak

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a city in southwest England that was famous for many centuries because of its natural hot waters, used by visitors to improve their health. Now many tourists visit Bath to see its old Roman baths and beautiful 18th-century buildings.

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I. bath1 S2 W3 /bɑːθ $ bæθ/ noun (plural baths /bɑːðz, bɑːθs $ bæðz, bæθs/) [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: bæth]

1. if you take a bath, you wash your body in a bath:
After a week of camping, I really needed a bath.
have a bath British English take a bath American English:
I’ll have a bath and go to bed.
How often do you take a bath?
I’ll give the children their bath (=wash them in a bath).

2. British English a large long container that you fill with water and sit or lie in to wash yourself Synonym : bathtub American English

3. water that you sit or lie in to wash yourself:
a hot bath
She ran a bath (=put water into a bath).

4. a bathroom, used especially in advertising:
All our luxury bedrooms have a private bath.

5. a container full of liquid in which something is placed for a particular purpose
bath of
Plunge the fabric into a bath of black dye.

6. baths [plural]
a) British English old-fashioned a public building in which there is a swimming pool
b) a public building where people could go in the past to wash themselves:
the Roman baths at Cirencester

7. take a bath American English informal to lose money, especially in a business deal:
We took a bath in the market over that stock.
birdbath, bubble bath, ⇒ throw the baby out with the bath water at throw1(37)

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II. bath2 verb British English

1. [transitive] to wash someone in a bath Synonym : bathe American English:
I’ll bath the children.

2. [intransitive] old-fashioned to wash yourself in a bath Synonym : bathe American English

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ADJ. hot, warm | cold | long | quick | bubble lying in a hot bubble bath
baby, bird
VERB + BATH fill, run Could you run the bath for me?
have, take | lie in, soak in | need
BATH + NOUN tap, water (also bathwater) | mat, towel | time It's the children's bath time.
PREP. in the ~ Please answer the phone. I'm in the bath!

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have a bath especially British English, take a bath especially American English
She usually has a bath in the evening.
give somebody a bath
He's upstairs giving the baby a bath.
get in/into/out of the bath
I had to get out of the bath to answer the phone.
a quick bath
It's easier to take a shower than a quick bath.
a long bath
A long hot bath is a great way of relaxing.
a hot/warm/cool bath
Why don't you have a nice warm bath?
a bubble bath (=with nice-smelling bubbles in it)
She likes to destress by taking a bubble bath.
bath time (=the time when someone, usually a child, has a bath)
Come on, Lucy, it's bath time.
bath taps British English
The water coming out of the bath taps was freezing cold.
a bath towel
She handed him a soft white bath towel.
a bath mat (=small rug on the floor by the bath)
The bath mat was soaking wet.
bath water
The bath water is getting cold.
bath salts/crystals (=a substance that you put in a bath to make it smell nice)
She bought me some lavender bath salts.
bath toy (=for a child to play with in the bath)
Bath toys are great for babies who've just learned to sit.

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BAD: We decided to have a bath in the hotel pool.
GOOD: We decided to have a swim in the hotel pool.

Usage Note:
have a bath = wash yourself in a bath: 'I always have a bath or shower before going to bed.'
See note at BATHE (bathe)

BAD: I always take a bath before going to bed.
GOOD: I always have a bath before going to bed.

Usage Note:
In British English the phrase is have a bath (NOT take ): 'There isn't enough water to have a bath.' Take a bath is used in American English.


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See: sponge bath , throw the baby out with the bath

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