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bathroom /ˈbɑːθrʊm, -ruːm $ ˈbæθ-/ noun [countable]

حمام ، گرمابه
bathroom S2 W3 /ˈbɑːθrʊm, -ruːm $ ˈbæθ-/ noun [countable]

1. a room where there is a bath or shower, a basin, and sometimes a toilet

2. American English a room where there is a toilet:
Where’s the bathroom?
I really need to go to the bathroom (=use a toilet).

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ADJ. steamy | large, spacious | tiny | luxurious, luxury | fitted | tiled | adjoining, en suite | communal, shared | private | downstairs, upstairs
VERB + BATHROOM go to, use (= go to the toilet)
BATHROOM + NOUN cabinet, cupboard | accessories, equipment, fittings, suite | mirror | scales I weigh myself on the bathroom scales every day.

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