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battery /ˈbætəri/ noun (plural batteries)

باطری ، باتری ، (نظ). اتشبار ، صدای طبل ، حمله با توپخانه ، ضرب و جرح ، علوم مهندسی: باطری ، الکترونیک: باتری ، قانون ـ فقه: ایراد ضرب و جرح ، شیمی: باتری ، ورزش: توپزن و توپگیر ، قرارداشتن یک مهره خودی بین مهره مهاجم خودی و شاه حریف ، علوم هوایی: باطری ، علوم نظامی: اتشبار ، گهواره یا سکوی استقرار لوله توپ ، علوم دریایی: برجک توپ

: battery (drycell)

علوم نظامی: باطری خشک

: battery (gun) 1

علوم دریایی: توپ

: battery (wet)

علوم نظامی: باطری تر

: battery 2 (artill)

علوم دریایی: اتشبار
الکترونیک: باتری ، شیمی: باطری ، علوم مهندسی: ایراد ضرب و جرح ، حقوق: توپزن و توپگیر ، بیس بال : ، باتری ، قرارداشتن یک مهره خودی بین مهره مهاجم خودی و شاه حریف ، شطرنج ، : ورزشی: باطری ، هواپیمایی: اتشبار ، توپخانه : ، باطری ، برجک توپ ، دریایی : ، گهواره یا سکوی استقرار لوله توپ ، علوم نظامی: باتری ، الکترونیک: باطری ، باتری ،( نظ ).اتشبار، صدای طبل ، حمله با توپخانه ، ضرب و جرح

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Synonyms: artillery, cannon, cannonry, gun emplacements, guns

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battery S2 /ˈbætəri/ noun (plural batteries)
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Old French; Origin: baterie, from batre 'to hit'; ]
[Sense 4: Origin: from the idea of hitting with gunfire; ]
[Sense 1: Origin: from the idea of a group of electricity-producing cells joined together]

1. ELECTRICITY [countable] an object that provides a supply of electricity for something such as a radio, car, or toy:
You have to take the top off to change the batteries.
When the red light comes on, you should recharge the battery.
The car’s got a flat battery.
a battery-operated hairdryer

2. a battery of something a group of many things of the same type:
a battery of medical tests

3. FARM [countable] British English a row of small cages in which chickens are kept, so that the farm can produce large numbers of eggs:
battery hensfree-range

4. GUNS [countable] several large guns used together:
an anti-aircraft battery

5. CRIME [uncountable] law the crime of hitting someone:
He was charged with assault and battery.assault and battery

6. recharge your batteries informal to rest or relax in order to get back your energy:
A week in the mountains should recharge my batteries.

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I. for electricity
ADJ. dead, flat The car won't start?the battery's flat.
rechargeable | car, torch | alkaline, lithium
VERB + BATTERY charge, recharge | change, replace | connect Is the battery connected correctly?
be powered by, run on, use, work on The machine can also run on batteries.
BATTERY + VERB give out, go dead, run down, run out After about six hours, the battery will run down.
BATTERY + NOUN power | life With our product you get longer battery life.
failure | charger
PHRASES battery-operated, battery-powered a small battery-powered car

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II. large group of similar things
ADJ. full, whole
PREP. ~ of I had to answer a whole battery of questions.
PHRASES a battery of tests

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flat British English, dead American English (=with no more electricity in it)
I'd left the headlights on and the battery was completely flat.
low (=with little electricity in it)
He could see the battery was low on his laptop.
a car/torch/phone etc battery
Have you checked your mobile phone battery?
a rechargeable battery (=one that you can put more electricity in and use again)
The camera uses rechargeable batteries.
a spare battery (=an extra one, in case you need it)
Take a torch and spare batteries.
change/replace the battery (=put a new battery in something)
You may need to change the battery in the smoke alarm.
charge/recharge a battery (=put more electricity in it)
It takes eight hours to fully recharge the battery.
use batteries (also run on batteries)
The clock runs on two 9-volt batteries.
put a battery in
She had put new batteries in the radio.
take a battery out
I''ll take the batteries out while I'm not using it.
a battery charger (=a piece of equipment for charging batteries)
Don't forget to pack your battery charger.
battery power
You can plug your laptop in or use it on battery power.
battery life (=how long a battery produces electricity)
My old phone had a longer battery life.
battery powered/operated
A lot of children's toys are battery operated.

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