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battle /ˈbætl/ noun [countable]

نبرد کردن ، رزم ، پیکار ، جدال ، مبارزه ، ستیز ، نبرد ، نزاع ، زد و خورد ، جنگ کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: رزم ، علوم نظامی: جنگ
- fight, action, attack, combat, encounter, engagement, hostilities, skirmish
- conflict, campaign, contest, crusade, dispute, struggle
- struggle, argue, clamour, dispute, fight, lock horns, strive, war
Related Words: brush, clash, encounter, pitched battle, scrimmage, skirmish, assault, attack, onset, onslaught, sortie, combat, conflict, contest, fight, hostilities, assail, bombard
English Thesaurus: fight, battle, scuffle, punch-up, brawl, ...

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I. battle1 W2 /ˈbætl/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: bataille, from Late Latin battalia 'fighting', from Latin battuere 'to hit']

1. FIGHT a fight between opposing armies, groups of ships, groups of people etc, especially one that is part of a larger war:
the Battle of Trafalgar
in battle
Her son was killed in battle.
into battle
a knight riding into battle
battle between
battles between government forces and the rebels
a pitched battle (=a long and serious battle) between police and drug gangs

2. COMPETITION/ARGUMENT a situation in which opposing groups or people compete or argue with each other when trying to achieve success or control:
a long-running legal battle
battle for
a battle for custody of their children
battle between
a fierce ratings battle between rival TV stations
battle with
an ongoing battle with my mother about eating properly

3. CHANGE BAD SITUATION an attempt to solve a difficult problem or change an unpleasant situation
battle against
a battle against the racism of the school system
battle with
a long battle with lung cancer
battle for
Scientology has fought long battles for acceptance as a religion.

4. be half the battle to be a difficult or important part of what you have to do:
Just getting an interview is half the battle.

5. a battle of wits a situation in which opposing sides try to win by using their intelligence:
A good mystery story is a battle of wits between author and reader.

6. battle of wills a situation in which opposing sides refuse to change what they want, in the hope that the other side will decide to change first:
a battle of wills between teacher and student

7. do battle (with somebody) to argue with someone or fight against someone:
She walked into the room with her eyes blazing, ready to do battle.

8. fight your own battles to argue with someone, or compete in a difficult situation, without having help from other people – used to show approval:
It’s all right, Mum. I can fight my own battles.

9. the battle of the sexes the relationship between men and women when it is considered as a fight for power

10. the battle of the bulge the act of trying to lose weight – used humorously

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II. battle2 verb

1. [intransitive and transitive] to try very hard to achieve something that is difficult or dangerous:
Firefighters battled the flames.
battle against/with
She had battled against cancer.
battle for
a pressure group battling for better schools
battle to do something
Doctors battled to save his life.

2. battle it out to keep fighting or opposing each other until one person or team wins:
Sixteen teams will battle it out.

3. [intransitive] literary to take part in a fight or war

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I. between armies
ADJ. bloody, fierce | pitched The two armies fought a pitched battle on the plain.
decisive | great, important, major | famous, historic | land, naval, sea
VERB + BATTLE fight (in) | win | lose | do, give, go into, join Charles V refused to give battle. The two armies joined battle.
send sb into Many young men were sent into battle without proper training.
BATTLE + VERB begin, take place | rage | continue | be over, end
PREP. at a/the ~ Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo.
in (a/the) ~ He died in battle.

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II. violent fight between two groups
ADJ. fierce | pitched | running | gun
PREP. ~ against Police fought a pitched battle against demonstrators.
~ between a gun battle between police and drug smugglers
~ with Scores of people have been hurt in running battles with police.

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III. struggle
ADJ. bitter, fierce | real There's now a real battle at the top of the First Division.
constant, continuing, long, long-running, ongoing, prolonged | losing, uphill We seem to be fighting a losing battle.
successful | court, legal
VERB + BATTLE be engaged in, do, fight Are you prepared to do battle with your insurance company over the claim?
face | win | lose
BATTLE + VERB begin | be over, end
PREP. ~ against his long battle against cancer
~ between a fierce battle between developers and the local community
~ for the battle for human rights
~ over The government now faces a new battle over tax increases.
~ with They are engaged in a long-running legal battle with their neighbours.
PHRASES a battle of ideas/words, a battle of wills/wits, a battle royal (= a major battle in which all available forces take part), fight your own battles My parents believed in leaving me to fight my own battles.

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ADV. hard | bravely The child battled bravely for her life.
in vain Doctors battled in vain to save his life.
constantly | away We'll keep battling away and hope that the goals start to come.
PREP. against Rescuers battled against torrential rain and high winds.
for battling for control of the party
over Residents are battling over plans for a new supermarket.
through We battled through the snowstorm.
with Riot police battled with 4,000 students. battling with leukaemia
PHRASES battle it out Competitors battled it out against the clock.
battle your way He battled his way to the bar.

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fight a battle (also wage a battle formal)
The police are fighting a tough battle against crime.
Many areas around here are waging a constant battle against vandalism.
win a battle
It’s essential to win the battle against inflation.
lose a battle
a brave little girl who lost her battle against cancer
face a battle
Paul faces a frantic battle to be fit for the match in November.
a long/lengthy battle
his long battle with alcoholism
an uphill battle (=one that is very difficult)
For most people losing weight is an uphill battle.
a tough/hard battle
He faces a tough battle to prove his innocence.
a constant battle
As a student, life was a constant battle against debt.
a losing battle (=one that is going to fail)
She was fighting a losing battle to stop herself from crying.

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BAD: Many young Americans refused to battle in Vietnam.
GOOD: Many young Americans refused to fight in Vietnam.

Usage Note:
battle = struggle to do or get something: 'Doctors are still battling to save the child's life.'
fight = use violence to hurt or kill people: 'My grandfather fought in the Spanish Civil War.'

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See: half the battle

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