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beam /biːm/ noun [countable]
beam verb

باریکه ، دسته کردن اشعه الکترونی ، جهت دادن ، تیرک ، تیر سقف ، شاه تیر ، فرسب ، عرض ناو ، عرض ستون نور ، نورافکن شعاع نور ، شاهین ترازو ، میله ، شاهپر ، تیرعمارت ، نورافکندن ، پرتوافکندن ، پرتو ، شعاع ، علوم مهندسی: نورد ، عمران: تیر ، معماری: شعاع ، قانون ـ فقه: تیر ، شیمی: باریکه ، زیست شناسی: پرتو ، ورزش: عریضترین قسمت قایق ، علوم هوایی: پرتو ، علوم نظامی: نور افکندن

: beam 1

پهنا (ی کشتی) ، علوم دریایی: پهنا

: beam 2

علوم دریایی: شاه تیر
- smile, grin
- ray, gleam, glimmer, glint, glow, shaft, streak, stream
- rafter, girder, joist, plank, spar, support, timber
- smile, grin
- radiate, glare, gleam, glitter, glow, shine
- send out, broadcast, emit, transmit
English Thesaurus: smile, grin, beam, smirk, simper, ...

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I. beam1 /biːm/ noun [countable]

a) a line of light shining from the sun, a lamp etc:
the beam of a powerful flashlight
b) a line of light, energy etc that you cannot see:
a laser beam

2. a long heavy piece of wood or metal used in building houses, bridges etc

3. a wide happy smile:
a beam of delight

4. off beam British English informal incorrect or mistaken:
Our guesses were way off beam.

5. a balance beam

6. technical the widest part of a ship from side to side
broad in the beam at broad1(1)

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II. beam2 verb

1. [intransitive] to smile very happily:
Sherman looked at his sons and beamed proudly.
beam with
Connie beamed with pleasure.
beam at
McLeish beamed at her.

2. [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to send a radio or television signal through the air, especially to somewhere very distant:
the first sports broadcast to be beamed across the Atlantic

3. [intransitive and transitive] to send out a line of light, heat, energy etc:
The sun beamed through the clouds.

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I. ray of light
ADJ. bright, intense, piercing, powerful | narrow, thin | electron, laser, searchlight, torch
VERB + BEAM direct, point, send, shine | play He played the beam of his torch over the wall of the cave.
catch sb/sth in He was suddenly caught in the full beam of a searchlight.
BEAM + VERB shine | illuminate sth, light sth up
PREP. ~ from the beam from the lighthouse
~ of A beam of sunlight shone in through the window.
PHRASES on full beam car headlights on full beam

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II. long piece of wood/metal
ADJ. timber, wooden | oak | iron, metal, steel | old, original a cottage with original beams and a thatched roof
exposed a cosy pub with exposed oak beams
horizontal, vertical
BEAM + VERB support sth

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ADV. broadly He beamed broadly at them, clearly very pleased to see them.
positively She positively beamed with satisfaction.
cheerfully, happily, proudly
PREP. at She beamed happily at Maxim.
with His face beamed with pleasure.

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See: off the beam , on the beam

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