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beard /bɪəd $ bɪrd/ noun [countable]

خوشه ، هرگونه برامدگی تیزشبیه مو و سیخ در گیاه و حیوان ، مقابله کردن ، ریش دارکردن
Synonyms: beaver, whiskers
Synonyms: face, brave, challenge, dare, defy, double-dog dare, front, outdare, outface, venture
Related Idioms: beard the lion in his den
Related Words: charley, galways, goatee, imperial, spade beard, Vandyke, fuzz

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I. beard1 S3 /bɪəd $ bɪrd/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English]

1. hair that grows around a man’s chin and cheeks ⇒ moustache

2. something similar to a beard, such as hair growing on an animal’s chin
—bearded adjective

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II. beard2 verb [transitive]
beard somebody (in their den) to go and see someone who has influence or authority, and tell them what you want, why you disagree with them etc

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ADJ. bristling, bushy, full, shaggy | neat, neatly-clipped | patchy, straggly, wispy | goatee | pointed | ginger/gingery, greying, reddish, white, etc. | fake, false
VERB + BEARD grow | have, sport, wear He sported a neat goatee beard.
clip, cut, trim | shave (off) | pull (at), stroke, tug (at) Jim stroked his beard reflectively.
BEARD + VERB grow My beard's grown a lot.
be streaked with sth His beard is streaked with grey.
BEARD + NOUN growth, stubble He had two days' beard growth across his jowls and chin.
PREP. with a/the ~ She's scared of men with beards.
PHRASES a three-day/seven-day, etc. growth of beard, a three-day-old, etc. beard

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See: launch up one's sleeve or laugh in one's sleeve or laugh in one's beard

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