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bearing /ˈbeərɪŋ $ ˈber-/ noun

سمت ، یاطاقاه ، تکیه گاه ، بردگاه (پم) ، سطح اتکا ، یاطاقان سکوی اتصال ، سرسره ریل ، یاطاقان ، طاقت ، بردباری ، وضع ، رفتار ، سلوک ، جهت ، نسبت ، علوم مهندسی: یاطاقان ، عمران: قسمت تحمل کننده بار ، معماری: بردگاه ، ورزش: موقعیت یک نقطه نسبت به نقطه دیگر جهت قطب نما ، علوم هوایی: یاتاقان ، علوم نظامی: گرا ، زاویه حامل ، سمت حرکت

: bearing (b)

علوم دریایی: سمت
- usually with on
upon: relevance, application, connection, import, pertinence, reference, relation, significance
- manner, air, aspect, attitude, behaviour, demeanour, deportment, posture
Related Words: aspect, brow, look, attitude, carriage, pose, posture, stand, poise, display, front, behavior, conduct

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bearing /ˈbeərɪŋ $ ˈber-/ noun

1. have a/some/no etc bearing on something to have an effect or influence on something, or not have any effect or influence:
Exercise has a direct bearing on how healthy you are.

2. lose your bearings
a) to become confused about where you are:
I completely lost my bearings in the dark.
b) to become confused about what you should do next:
young men who have lost their bearings in a changing society

3. get/find your bearings
a) to find out exactly where you are:
He paused to get his bearings.
b) to feel confident that you know what you should do next:
An introduction session helps new students get their bearings.

4. [singular, uncountable] the way in which you move, stand, or behave, especially when this shows your character

5. [countable] technical a direction or angle that is shown by a compass:
learning to take a compass bearing

6. [countable] technical a part of a machine that turns on another part, or in which a turning part is held ⇒ ball bearing

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I. way in which sth is related
ADJ. direct, important, significant The rise in interest rates had a direct bearing on the company's profits.
PREP. ~ on

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II. direction/position
ADJ. compass
VERB + BEARING check He checked his bearings on the map in the car.
find, get Everything was in darkness and it was difficult to get my bearings.
keep To keep your bearings in a desert sandstorm is impossible.
lose She lost her bearings in the thick forest.
PHRASES take a (compass) bearing on sth Take a compass bearing on that mountain.

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