beat up
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beat up
Synonyms: assault, attack, batter, beat the living daylights out of (informal), knock about or around, thrash
English Thesaurus: hit, beat, strike, punch, thump, ...

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beat up phrasal verb (see also beat)

1. beat somebody ↔ up to hurt someone badly by hitting them:
Her boyfriend got drunk and beat her up.

2. beat up on somebody American English to hit someone and harm them, especially someone younger or weaker than yourself

3. beat yourself up (also beat up on yourself American English) informal to blame yourself too much for something:
If you do your best and you lose, you can’t beat yourself up about it.

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ˈbeat-up adjective
a beat-up car, bicycle etc is old and in bad condition Synonym : battered:
a beat-up old Ford Escort

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beat up
beat (someone) up
to strongly criticize someone.
The candidates spent the time beating each other up instead of talking about how to improve the economy.

Usage notes: sometimes used in the form beat up on someone:
Sanchez beat up on Brown for problems with street repairs.

to easily defeat someone.
The Rangers beat up Kansas city, 7—3.

Etymology: based on the literal meaning of beat someone up (= to hurt someone badly)

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beat up
to harm someone by hitting or beating them
The young boys beat up one of the older students.

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beat up
v., informal To give a hard beating to; hit hard and much; thrash; whip.
When the new boy first came, he had to beat up several neighborhood bullies before they would leave him alone.
Used with "on" in substandard speech.
The tough boy said to Bill, "If you come around here again, I'll beat up on you."

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