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bedroom /ˈbedrʊm, -ruːm/ noun [countable]

خوابگاه ، اطاق خواب
bedroom S1 W2 /ˈbedrʊm, -ruːm/ noun [countable]

1. a room for sleeping in:
a hotel with 50 bedrooms
three-bedroomed/five-bedroomed etc
They’ve just bought a new four-bedroomed house in Edinburgh.

2. bedroom eyes a look in your eyes that shows that you are sexually attracted to someone

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ADJ. attractive, elegant, pleasant, pretty | comfortable, cosy | big, enormous, large, spacious | cell-like, little, modest, small, tiny | double, single, twin | en suite | main, master, principal | nursery | study | attic, back, downstairs, first-floor, front, upstairs | guest, spare | hotel
VERB + BEDROOM share I used to share a bedroom with my brother.
convert They converted the spare bedroom into an office.
decorate, redecorate
BEDROOM + NOUN furniture, suite | window | slippers | scene The actress refused to appear naked in the bedroom scenes.
PREP. around a/the ~ There were dirty clothes strewn around the bedroom.
in a/the ~
PHRASES a 3-bedroom, etc. house The larger houses are four-bedroom houses.

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a single bedroom (=with a bed for one person)
We have one single bedroom and two doubles.
a double bedroom (=with a big bed for two people)
I'd like to book a double bedroom for two nights, please.
a twin bedroom (=with two single beds)
Do you prefer a double or a twin bedroom?
the main/master bedroom (=the biggest bedroom in a house)
The master bedroom has a view of the sea.
the spare bedroom (=for visitors)
She set up a home office in the spare bedroom.
a study bedroom (=for students, with a bed and a desk)
In my first year at university I had a really tiny study bedroom.
bedroom furniture
All the bedroom furniture was old and falling apart.
the bedroom door/window etc
Did you shut the bedroom window?

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