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beer /bɪə $ bɪr/ noun

ابجو نوشیدن
beer S2 W3 /bɪə $ bɪr/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: beor]

1. [uncountable] an alcoholic drink made from malt and hops:
a pint of beer
We sell draught beer (=beer served from a large container, not a bottle).

2. [countable] a glass, bottle, or can of beer:
Do you fancy a beer?
—beery adjective:
his beery breath
ginger beer, root beer, ⇒ small beer at small1(16)

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ADJ. excellent, good, great, quality | strong | alcohol-free, light, low-alcohol, no-alcohol | cold, ice-cold | warm | foaming a glass of foaming ice-cold beer
black, blonde, dark | bottled, cask, draught, keg | flat (= that the gas has gone out of) | stale The pub smelled of stale beer.
home-brewed | designer The shop specializes in designer beers.
QUANT. litre, pint I ordered half a pint of beer with my sandwich.
barrel, bottle, can, glass, keg, tankard | crate
VERB + BEER drink Do you drink beer?
have Will you have a beer?
down He downed his beer in one go.
gulp (at), sip (at), swig, take a gulp/sip/swig of | draw, pour (sb) This beer should be drawn slowly. He poured us all a beer.
order I saw him at the bar ordering a beer.
go for I'm going for a beer with Carl tonight.
brew | chill
BEER + VERB chill Put the beer in the fridge to chill.
foam | go flat | flow (figurative) The beer flowed freely after the match.
slop He slammed his glass down and the beer slopped over the sides.
BEER + NOUN drinker, lover | maker | barrel, bottle, can, crate, glass, keg, mug, tankard | mat | festival | consumption, production, sales | cellar, garden The pub has a beer garden round the back.
belly He's only twenty but he's already got a beer belly (= a fat stomach from drinking too much beer).
money Playing non-league football keeps him in beer money (= earns him enough money to buy beer, but he has to do another job to earn a living).

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cold/ice-cold beer
He opened the fridge and got out a can of ice-cold beer.
draught beer British English, draft beer American English (=taken from a large container, not served in a bottle)
He only ever drinks draught beer.
bottled beer (=served in a bottle)
We sell a wide selection of draught and bottled beers.
strong beer (=with a lot of alcohol)
He had drunk two pints of strong beer before attempting to drive.
light beer especially American English (=lower in alcohol or calories than normal beer)
He claims light beer has no flavor.
low-alcohol beer (=lower in alcohol than normal beer)
Have you tried low-alcohol beer?
alcohol-free beer (=with no alcohol in it)
I'll bring some alcohol-free beer.
stale beer (=old beer which has an unpleasant smell)
The hotel smelt of cigarette smoke and stale beer.
a beer bottle/can (=a bottle/can for beer)
Empty beer cans littered the ground.
a beer barrel/keg (=a large container for beer)
They rolled empty beer barrels along the street.
a beer mat (=a mat for putting a glass of beer on)
There were beer mats and an ashtray on the table.
a beer glass
He raised his beer glass and said 'Cheers!'
a beer mug (=large glass with a handle)
The barmaid brought over four foaming beer mugs.
a beer drinker
I'm not really a beer drinker.
a beer festival (=special event where people can taste different types of beer)
a pint of beer
Two pints of beer, please.
a bottle/can of beer (=containing beer)
The fridge was full of cans of beer.
a barrel of beer (=a large container containing beer)
He bought a barrel of beer for the party.

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