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before /bɪˈfɔː $ -ˈfɔːr/ conjunction
before preposition

قبل از ، جلو ، پیش روی ، درحضور ، قبل ، پیش از ، پیشتر ، پیش انکه
- ahead of, in advance of, in front of
- earlier than, in advance of, prior to
- in the presence of, in front of
- previously, ahead, earlier, formerly, in advance, sooner
- in front, ahead
Antonyms: after
Contrasted words: behind, abaft, aft, astern, since, subsequent to
Related Idioms: face to face with
English Thesaurus: before, prior to, by, earlier, previously, ...

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I. before1 S1 W1 /bɪˈfɔː $ -ˈfɔːr/ conjunction

1. earlier than a particular event or action Antonym : after:
Say goodbye before you go.
I saw her a few days before she died.

2. so that something does not or cannot happen:
Put that money somewhere safe before it gets stolen.
That dog ought to be destroyed before it attacks any more children.
Before I could say anything more, Holmes had rushed off towards the station.

3. used to say that something happens after a period of time:
It was several minutes before we realised what was happening.
It will be a while before we know the results.

4. used to say that something must happen in order for something else to be possible:
You have to pass a test before you can get a licence.

5. spoken used to warn someone that something bad will happen to them if they do not do something:
Get out before I call the police!

6. used to emphasize that someone does not want to do something:
She would die before she would admit she was wrong.

In a clause beginning with before that refers to the future, use the present tense or present perfect, not 'will':
I want to get home before it rains (NOT before it will rain).

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II. before2 S1 W1 preposition
[Language: Old English; Origin: beforan, from foran 'before', from fore; fore-]

1. earlier than something or someone Antonym : after:
The new road should be completed before the end of the year.
Let’s meet at our house before the show.
Larry arrived home before me.
five minutes/two hours etc before something
Hugh arrived just five minutes before the ceremony.
before doing something
I usually take a shower before having my breakfast.
We only got back from Scotland the day before yesterday (=two days ago).
Other students joined in the protest, and before long (=soon) there was a crowd of 200 or so.

2. ahead of someone or something else in a list or order Antonym : after:
You were before me in the queue.
The files are in alphabetical order, so B1 comes before C1.

3. used to say that something happens where it can be watched by people Synonym : in front of:
Italy will face Brazil this afternoon before a crowd of 100,000 spectators.
an actor who had performed before the Queen

4. used to say that someone or something comes to be judged or considered by a person or group of people:
The proposal was put before the planning committee.

5. used to say that one thing or person is considered more important than another:
I put my wife and kids before anyone else.
In the air transport business, safety must always come before profit.

6. formal in front of something or someone:
The priest stood before the altar.
The sea stretched out before them.

7. if one place is before another place on a road or journey, the first place is nearer to you than the second, so you will reach it first Antonym : after:
The pub is 100 m before the church on the right.
the last station before the Simplon Tunnel

8. formal if there is a job or situation before you, you will have to do the job or face the situation Synonym : ahead of:
The task of emptying the house lay before us.

9. formal if a period of time is before you, it is about to start and you can do what you want during it Synonym : in front of:
We had a glorious summer afternoon before us to do as we pleased.
You have your whole life before you.

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III. before3 S1 W1 adverb

1. at an earlier time:
Haven’t I met you before somewhere?
Never before had he seen so many people starving.
She looked just the same as before.

2. the day/week/month etc before the previous day, week, month etc Antonym : after:
She was in Paris last week and in Rome the week before.

3. old use ahead of someone or something else:
The king’s herald walked before.

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BAD: Before forty years the journey took twice as long.
GOOD: Forty years ago the journey took twice as long.
BAD: Not so long before we used animals for transportation.
GOOD: Not so long ago we used animals for transportation.

Usage Note:
ago = before 'now', the moment of speaking: 'Her plane landed ten minutes ago. In fact, here she comes now.' 'I saw him just five minutes ago.' (= five minutes before now)
before = before 'then', a time in the past: 'I went to the airport last Monday to meet Sue. I hadn't been to the airport before.' (= before last Monday). 'I saw him last Friday in London and two days before in Leeds.' (= last Wednesday)

BAD: My parents first came here before 40 years ago.
GOOD: My parents first came here 40 years ago.

See EVER 2 (ever)

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