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Begin, Menachem /ˈbeɪɡɪn, məˈnɑːkəm/
begin /bɪˈɡɪn/ verb (past tense began /-ˈɡæn/, past participle begun /-ˈɡʌn/, present participle beginning)

Irregular Forms: (began)(begun)

اغاز کردن ، اغاز نهادن ، شروع کردن ، اغاز شدن
- start, commence, embark on, initiate, instigate, institute, prepare, set about
- happen, appear, arise, come into being, emerge, originate, start
Antonyms: end
Contrasted words: cease, desist, discontinue, quit, stop, close, complete, conclude, finish, terminate, abandon, forsake, leave, back out, renege, withdraw, end
Related Idioms: get the show on the road, get to work, get underway, raise its head
Related Words: establish, found, institute, introduce, usher in, broach, attack, tackle, prepare, break in, dig in, spring, open
English Thesaurus: start, begin, commence, get down to something, set off, ...

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Begin, Menachem /ˈbeɪɡɪn, məˈnɑːkəm/
(1913–92) an Israeli politician and Prime Minister from 1977 to 1983. In 1979 he signed a peace treaty with President Sadat of Egypt which was known as the Camp David agreement.

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begin S1 W1 /bɪˈɡɪn/ verb (past tense began /-ˈɡæn/, past participle begun /-ˈɡʌn/, present participle beginning)
[Word Family: noun: beginner, beginning; verb: begin]
[Language: Old English; Origin: beginnan]

1. START DOING SOMETHING [intransitive and transitive] to start doing something:
As everybody’s here, let’s begin.
In the third year students begin the study of classical Chinese.
The president begins talks with the prime minister tonight.
begin to do something
She began to feel a sense of panic.
begin doing something
I began teaching in 1984.

2. START HAPPENING [intransitive and transitive] if something begins, or you begin something, it starts to happen or exist from a particular time:
It was the coldest winter since records began.
begin at
The meeting begins at 10.30 am.

3. DO FIRST [intransitive] if you begin with something or begin by doing something, this is the first thing you do
begin with
Shall we begin with a prayer?
begin by doing something
I’ll begin by thanking you all for being here tonight.

4. BOOK/WORD ETC [intransitive] if a book, film, or word begins with something, it starts with a particular event or letter
begin with
‘Psychosis’ begins with a P.

In everyday English, people usually say start rather than begin:
The movie starts at 7.45.
Let’s start by introducing ourselves.
Not many English names start with X.

5. SPEECH [intransitive and transitive] to start speaking:
‘Ladies and gentlemen,’ he began. ‘I am delighted to be here.’

6. to begin with
a) spoken used to introduce the first and most important point you want to make:
Well, to begin with, he shouldn’t even have been driving my car.
b) used to say that something was already in a particular condition before something else happened:
I didn’t break it! It was like that to begin with.
c) during the first part of a process or activity:
The kids helped me to begin with, but they soon got bored.

7. can’t begin to understand/imagine etc spoken used to emphasize how difficult something is to understand etc:
I can’t begin to imagine how awful it was.
begin (something) as something phrasal verb
to be a particular thing at the start of your existence, working life etc:
Roger began his career as an office boy.

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ADV. (all over) again Once it has finished, the video automatically begins again. We had to begin all over again.
VERB + BEGIN be due to, be expected to, be scheduled to The entertainment was due to begin at 8.30.
be ready to | be about to, be going to A new life was about to begin for him.
PREP. by Let's begin by writing down a few ideas.
with We will begin with a brief discussion of the problems. Can you think of a word beginning with V?
PHRASES begin at the beginning Begin your story at the beginning, and carry on to the end.

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