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behaviour , behavior /bɪˈheɪvjə $ -ər/ noun [uncountable]

رفتار ، سلوک ، حرکت
- conduct, actions, bearing, demeanour, deportment, manner, manners, ways
- action, functioning, operation, performance
English Thesaurus: action, act, act of violence/kindness/defiance etc, activities, behaviour, ...

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behaviour S2 W1 British English, behavior American English /bɪˈheɪvjə $ -ər/ noun [uncountable]

1. the things that a person or animal does:
It is important to reward good behaviour.
behaviour towards
She complained of her boss’s inappropriate behavior towards her.
the effects of alcohol on human behaviour

2. be on your best behaviour to behave as well and politely as you can in order to please someone:
I want you both to be on your best behaviour at Grandad’s.

3. the things that something in science normally does
behaviour of
the behaviour of human chromosomes
—behavioural adjective:
behavioural science
—behaviourally adverb

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ADJ. exemplary, good He had his jail term cut for good behaviour.
acceptable | antisocial, bad, unacceptable, undesirable | deviant, problem Teachers can't always respond effectively to problem behaviour.
normal | strange | aggressive, criminal, disruptive, violent | animal, human, sexual, social
VERB + BEHAVIOUR control, influence Parents can influence the behaviour of their children.
alter, change, modify | display, exhibit, show Animals in zoos often display disturbed behaviour.
PREP. ~ towards his behaviour towards his parents
PHRASES behaviour and attitudes, be on your best behaviour (= to behave very well in order to impress sb), a code of behaviour, a pattern of behaviour, standards of behaviour a new study looking at the behaviour and attitudes of young men

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The boys were suspended from school for bad behaviour.
His good behaviour did not last long.
They thought their son’s behaviour was perfectly normal.
Were there any signs of abnormal behaviour?
His behavior became increasingly violent.
antisocial behaviour such as spitting and swearing in public
This sort of behavior is completely unacceptable.
appropriate/inappropriate formal (=suitable/not suitable for that situation)
Within the official school framework there are penalties for inappropriate behaviour.
human/animal behaviour
the scientific study of human behaviour
detailed observations of animal behaviour
criminal behaviour
There are many theories as to what causes criminal behaviour.
sexual behaviour
a survey of human sexual behaviour
behaviour problems
She teaches children with behaviour problems.
standards of behaviour
declining standards of behaviour among young people
It’s a parent’s job to instruct children in acceptable standards of behaviour.
a pattern of behaviour
Different patterns of behaviour exist in different cultures.
change your behaviour (also modify your behaviour formal)
He has no reason to change his behaviour.
influence sb’s behaviour
The genes we inherit influence our behaviour.

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BAD: We were surprised by their peculiar behaviours.
GOOD: We were surprised by their peculiar behaviour.
BAD: Such a behaviour can easily cause offence.
GOOD: Such behaviour can easily cause offence.

Usage Note:
Behaviour is an uncountable noun.

BAD: Sometimes Juan has a very strange behaviour.
GOOD: Sometimes Juan behaves very strangely.
GOOD: Sometimes Juan's behaviour is very strange.
BAD: There are very few people having such a behaviour.
GOOD: Very few people behave in such a way.

Usage Note:
Instead of using have + behaviour , use behaviour + be or use the verb behave + adverb: 'His behaviour is atrocious.' 'He behaves atrociously.'

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