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beleaguer verb trans. [bɪ'li:gǝ]

محاصره کردن ، احاطه کردن
Synonyms: besiege, beset, blockade, invest, worry, annoy, bedevil, gnaw, hagride, harass, harry, pester, plague, tease
Related Idioms: set upon from all sides
Related Words: siege, storm

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be·lea·guer (bĭ-lēgər)
tr.v. be·lea·guered, be·lea·guer·ing, be·lea·guers
To harass; beset:
We are beleaguered by problems.
To surround with troops; besiege. See Synonyms at besiege.

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[Probably Dutch belegeren : be-, around (from Middle Dutch bie. See ambhi in Indo-European Roots) + leger, camp; see legh- in Indo-European Roots.]

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be·leaguer·ment n.

[TahlilGaran] American Dictionary

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